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  1. 718 GT4 Order

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    Hi, I received a lucky and grateful call from my local Porsche dealership last Wednesday. They received one build slot for the new 718 GT4, which they kindly offered to me. I gave them a draft spec and deposit that afternoon to confirm the order. The car should arrive in September, so I will...
  2. Fabspeed motorsport usa | introduces product sound solution guarantee

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    Fabspeed Motorsport USA is excited to announce MAJOR changes to our warranty. Check this out - Lifetime and Transferable, covers cats and valves, and includes the world’s first sound guarantee called Sound Solutions (™) Now when you buy one of Fabspeed’s incredible exhaust systems we guarantee...
  3. This is Borla on a 981 BS

    Borla Performance Industries Tell me that doesn't sound great.
  4. Clutch ping

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    My 2018 CS manual transmission makes a ping sound when depressing the clutch. There is no sound when the clutch is released. The sound appears to come from below the pedal like a spring is rubbing. The sound is louder when the ambient temperature is colder. I took it to the dealer and they said...
  5. Springy 'twang' noise when I depress the Clutch pedal - Normal?

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    Hi, My 718 is at 4000 miles and I've noticed this before, but it seems more prevalent now. Perhaps because temperatures are dropping. When I depress the clutch (to start the engine) I can hear a spring 'twang' type noise from the pedal area. It could simply be the return spring on the pedal...
  6. 718 sound

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    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but: Yesterday I attended a PCA event at Summit Point. I have a 2018 Boxster GTS. After the first 25 minute run, 4 people who were observing from trackside came over to me wanting to know what I did to the exhaust, because it sounded so awesome...
  7. Exhausts: Anyone bit the bullet on Fabspeed or AWE yet for 718?

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    I searched for "exhaust" in this section and didn't see anyone really discussing, unless I missed it. Anyone taken the plunge yet? I guess some people have as I've seen videos, but can't tell how many of those are just sales pitches. Would be curious people's actual, unaffiliated impressions...
  8. Your 718 Likes & Dislikes..

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    My personal Likes and dislikes of the 718 Like: -Grip and handling are fantastic. -In gear acceleration -The styling, I do love how these things look. -I actually like the engine starting sound when you hit the Sport button before starting the engine. -All the options you can pick and...
  9. Do you like your 718 Exhaust sound?

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    Phil from Fabspeed here. Do you like the exhaust sound from your 718. We have received a lot of reviews from the 718. Most of them are about the outstanding performance and styling. The one issue that we have heard is about the sound. Porsche did a great job turning the 4 cylinder into...
  10. Knocking sound from transmission area.

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I have a 2007 Cayman S with about 46,000 miles on it. This evening it developed a very strange knocking sound. I jacked the car up and it appears to be coming from the transmission area. It goes away when I depress the clutch. If I put it in gear and let the rear tires spin while they are...
  11. Lost all sound from Bose stereo system?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    So I went on a short drive today, and when I got back in my car about an hour later I had no sound from my speakers. Nothing worked. No FM, aux, CD, bluetooth phone connection. Nothing. No amount of tinkering could bring any sound from the stereo speakers. The stereo functions all seem to...
  12. What size speakers and location of speakers and amps?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Hi all, I’m a new owner of a 981 Boxster base with the base sound system. The car is great, but the sound system is terrible. Done a lot of research on this forum, and I’d like to replace/add speakers, an amp, and maybe a powered sub. Here are the questions I’ve not been able to find: - what...
  13. Does this sound normal to you?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    UPDATE: longer video posted: Does this sound normal? Happens mostly when warm, but can hear slightly when cold as well.
  14. There is a guy in my trunk shaking a cup of loose change at me.

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Guys, gals, I'm going crazy here trying to debug this issue. I have a sound that is exactly the sound you'd expect if you put 2 washers or quarters into a Dixie cup and shook it back and forth. The running joke in my family is that there is a guy hiding in the trunk shaking a cup at me for...
  15. The sounds you hear in a Cayman cockpit... questions

    987 Cayman and Boxster Problems and Complaints
    Hello, Back in January I purchased my 2008 Cayman - I've been driving it daily since. Any time my SO and I want to go anywhere, I always offer to drive, which works out nicely because she doesn't like to drive. It's been a great experience - both livening up my drive to work and enjoying the...
  16. 981... Enjoy The Sound (while you have it(

    981 Chat
    Hi, I haven't posted in the 981 section in some time, as I recently picked up my 718 Cayman GTS, however I hope I am still allowed to post in here as I still have my 981 Cayman S :-) and dare I say it, I probably prefer the 981, even though the 718 Cayman GTS is a better car. I don't want to...
  17. Diagnose this engine sound?

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    I went on a day trip over the weekend in my new-to-me '13 base boxster. Usually everything sounds normal and fine to me in almost all circumstances, but this is my first Porsche ever... I have a video clip of when I thought the engine sounded... well... to me? not the sound I thought I want to...
  18. My 718 Cayman GTS Has Arrived (Photo Heavy)

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    Hi, My 718 Cayman GTS arrived last week. I've included a few (lots) snaps below. In comparison to my Cayman S, the GTS is an amazing car in every aspect, if you can live with the sound of the 2.5 turbo engine... or the lack of a NA flat 6 sound :-) I've found myself taking the Cayman S out...
  19. Boxster Sound package plus door woofers blown

    987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    So I just purchased a 2006 Boxster with the Sound Package Plus system (not Bose) and it sounds like the larger door speakers are blown. These are the ones at the very bottom of the door, the mids above them sound ok. I’ve looked through a number of threads on here discussing upgrading these...
  20. Is a car exhaust sound important?

    Automotive Off Topic
    I know that many think a car's exhaust sound is unimportant, but for those who enjoy a nice sounding exhaust, you may want to click on the following link: