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  1. 981 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2013-2016
    Hi, I have a 2014 981 cayman. I just bought the H&R springs. The drop claim is 1.2 front and 1.3 rear. I would like to know what’s the maximum spacer size I can go with. In the first place I wanted 15 rear, 10 front. After seeing YouTube videos and reading forums. People are either doing 15...
  2. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    I have a few parts to sell from my 2010 Cayman S that has now been sold. Complete exhaust manifolds including cats (SOLD) Stock Rear Lower Control Arms $100 Stock Rear Trailing Arms $50 Stock Cayman S springs (F&R) $200 All in good shape! No problem to ship at buyers cost. Parts are in...
  3. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Hi All - Selling struts and springs from my 2006 Cayman S. Can be sold separately or together. 2006 Cayman S Struts - OEM with ~50k miles on them - $200 Vogtland Sport Spring Kit - ~5k miles on them - $200 All items are used and in working condition. Buyer pays shipping or local pickup in...
  4. 987 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2005-2012
    Just finished a weekend of installation and setup of a set of H&R Sport lowering springs on my 2007 Cayman, and felt compelled to share the results. I am SO HAPPY with how they turned out, and after a more aggressive alignment they feel unbelievable compared to stock. With almost 113k miles, my...
  5. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    About 15000 miles on these springs. Looking for $200
  6. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Never installed and brand new with all paperwork. Guaranteed. H&R lowering springs lowers the 987.1 Cayman approximately 1.4" in front and 1.25" in rear. Decided to keep the height stock. Will ship in continental United States. Make offer (retails for $499) and we will figure out shipping...
  7. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    hi im interested in putting the x73 springs on my sport pasm 718. i was wondering if it was going to lower it another 10mm? WOULD you go with the x73 sways instead of the gt3 sway bar? where did you purchase your x73 springs? how would you rate your setup to a nice aftermarket coilover? I...
  8. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    All: Does anyone here have experience with H&R lowering springs? I'm looking at dropping a non-PASM car a bit, and was looking at various options. Specifically, interested how harsh(er) the ride becomes, if at all. Thx!
  9. Arcflash LLC
    The Öhlins Road & Track suspension gives our customers the ability to track their cars without losing comfort when commuting to work. The unique Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology allows you to quickly change the stiffness of the shock absorber. When arriving to the racetrack or favorite twisty...
  10. 981 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2013-2016
    This is a very worthwhile upgrade to an already-excellent '14 BS 6-Speed with 20" wheels, Softronic ECU flash, Carnewall GT exhaust and Dream2 tips. Lower CG and firmer springs and bars enhance all aspects of handling without in any way diminishing comfort. Can't wait for the track.
  11. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    I am currently configuring a Cayman S for 2019 model year. I currently have a 2016 Cayman that I specifically ordered with the X73 suspension. I specifically ordered it to get the stiffer suspension with shorter springs, larger sway bar and shocks as well as 20mm lower ride height. I have been...
  12. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Hi All, I have a 2017 718 Cayman S with base suspension on 20" wheels. I can't make up my mind whether to go with just Springs or Ohlins. I do plan on tracking (HPDE2) my car about 12 days a year and mostly use it on weekends. My goal would be to give it a stock drop no more than an inch and...
  13. 987 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2005-2012
    As the title implies, I'm wondering if springs from a Spyder would fit on my Boxster S (987.1) Any input appreciated!
  14. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Wondering if any members have tried various spacer widths on their 718's. My S has now been lowered with HR springs. Total drop is about 30mm on each corner. My plan is to install 7mm spacers on the Carrera S wheels. Trying to produce a similar offset that I had on my GTS (7 &15 spacers)...
  15. 981 Cayman/Boxster Porsche Chat 2013-2016
    Got to get the allignment done after the springs have settled in. Does anyone have any advice on changes to standard allignment set up? 20" rims any help much appreciated
  16. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    I had Techart lowering springs installed this week. Here are a couple before and after pics. I haven't measured but it is supposed to be a 30mm drop. I only have 30 miles or so on this set up but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone with a 718. I don't feel a difference in the ride...
  17. 981 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2013-2016
    Has anybody installed H&R sport springs on their 981? I'm looking for better handling at high speeds as my car gets a little loose at 140. However; I don't want a rough ride? Please advise.
  18. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    quick and dirty photo of the 718 w/ techart springs thanks to modern aircooled here in houston for the install and wheel experts for the techart springs!
  19. 987 Cayman/Boxster Modifications 2005-2012
    Hi Anyone know if these Cargraphic springs different to the normal H&R Springs for the Cayman ?? The H&R Part Number is 29168-1 Thanks Jon
  20. 09' 987.2 'Roxanne'

    My first Porsche
1-20 of 48 Results