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  1. 718 Chat
    I'm interested to know if anyone recommends for or against adding sport exhaust to a 718 S? If equipped with Sport Exhaust but turned off, is there a difference between it and a 718 S with the standard exhaust?
  2. 981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Looking for anyone who might have installed sport headers of any brand with a stock standard exhaust on a 981 S. Curious to see how that sounds since I've been unable to find a proper video of it on YouTube, surprising.
  3. 718 Chat
    Is the standard trim (center console, dashboard, doors) on the 718 plastic or aluminum? If so, did anyone elect to upgrade to brushed aluminum or carbon fiber?
  4. 718 Chat
    I just noticed that I do not have the mesh wind deflector in the rollbars but I do have the main wind deflector. Are those standard or optional? Should heave they come together with the middle wind deflector? Rippey
  5. 718 Chat
    In reviewing the 2018 Porsche 718 configurator, I don't see either the Lane Change Assist or the Active Cruise Control offered as options. Are these now "Standard Options" (oxymoron?) ?
  6. 718 Chat
    Going over my configuration one last time, I noticed in the "Standard Equipment" listing that the GTS comes with the following: Bi-Xenon™ headlights in black with integrated LED daytime running lights No mention of PDLS, but it's listed as a $1500 option. So am I right in assuming that PDLS...
  7. 987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I plugged in my VIN on an internet website to learn what options were on my 2007 Cayman S. But it doesn't list the "options" that come standard on an 'S' model. For example, isn't the "Plus" sound system standard on the S, which means there are more speakers? How can I find out what options my...
  8. U.S. West Region
    Probsbly a long shot. Have a 981 Cayman S with headlights and XPEL on them. Wondering if anyone with a silver or white car would prefer the silver bits inside of the standard headlights vs the black the 981 GTS has. I've put on black wheels so looking for a closer match. Headlights are in good...
  9. 987 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    Hi all, I am running a 3.4 DFI engine (or trying to!) in a one off special and as such am not using the standard fuel tank/low pressure pump assembly. So I am trying to find out what suitable pump I can use to feed the High pressure cam driven pump. The engine will be standard apart from...
  10. News Items Los Angeles It is that time of the year again, the Los Angeles Auto show. In the past we've seen the 981 Cayman and Cayman GT4 Clubsport unveiled at this show. This year, Porsche is focusing on 3 new Panamera variants. We've sent...
  11. 981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    It occurred to me the other day that GT4 owners don't get to order Porsche crest center caps after reading a thread where such things were being discussed. After looking at some pictures of GT4s on the site it seems to be that there is no standard for center cap directional placement. How can...
  12. 981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Guys, I finishing my build and new to these cars. This will be a weekend and occasional track car for me with some 3-6hr vacations in it as well. I have the 18 way seats ordered but do I really need them? I do like more lumbar support (bad lower back). I don't mind a few manual levers for...
  13. 981 Chat
    Hi, I am quite disappointed with the quality of the standard audio system in the 981, however i don't really use it, thanks to the Sports Exhaust. I was surprised to learn that there are no rear speakers, and that all of the sound comes from front speakers, however i did notice that the rear...
  14. 981 Chat
    I have the X 73 sport suspension. To low. Thinking about raising is to the Standard S (20mm higher) Anybody change their suspension and thus have the Standard S suspension laying around? Random Pic of Wifey in 993
  15. 981 Chat
    Hey guys, I saw some old threads from 2-3 years ago that talked about this, but haven't seen anything for this current MY so I just wanted to double-check: I ordered a base Cayman the other day pretty bone stock. No PCM. The SA told me that the standard audio comes with bluetooth, but didn't...
  16. Porsche Tires & Wheels
    I just ordered a Cayman in agate grey with the standard wheels. My thought was ride quality and "less" grip = more fun overall experience. BUT - I don't think I've ever seen the standard 18" wheels except for one picture on google. I looked through the forums and didn't see any either. So am...
  17. 981 Chat
    Took delivery of brand new Porsche Boxster S 2015 model yesterday. I have coupe of questions 1) Small issue is - driver side head light is brighter than the passenger side light. Not sure if this is a loose contact or bulb failure. 2) Is my seat fully leather? I don't have a leather...
  18. 981 Cayman and Boxster Pictures and Video
    Hi, as per the title i am looking to see the arch gap on a Cayman S with the standard suspension (no pasm OR any other upgrades). I understand the GTS and also PASM sits lower... so i'd love to compare all of them together. Thanks in advance for your help.
1-18 of 28 Results