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  1. 2015 Cayman S suspension

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    MAKE ME AN OFFER! Selling a take off suspension from a 2015 Cayman S with 27,000 highway miles. Selling after upgrading to X73 suspension. In perfect working order. Everything pictured is being sold. Local pickup or we can arrange shipping via local UPS Store.
  2. Porsche 987 Suspension (KWv3 coilovers and 997 GT3 / RSS Sway Bars)

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    Used (~7k miles) suspension components. We are selling the car and returning it to stock. As such, we are selling the suspension upgrades. They are all in great condition with no issues. These came off a 2008 987.1. KW V3 coilover also included are the swift front springs ( 392lb/inch springs)...
  3. FS: 987.1 Cayman S stock suspension - 40k miles

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    I acquired this suspension from a local parts sale. I do not know actual history but I am told it has 40k miles on it. It was on a non-PASM 987.1 Cayman S and was removed to install an aftermarket suspension. Individual corner locations are labeled on each shock/strut. $400 shipped via paypal OBO
  4. Porsche Sport Suspension kit X73

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    Porsche X73 sport suspension kit. Includes all 4 shocks with top mounts, front and rear sway bars with rubber bushings and drop links. Lowers the ride height by 20mm and reduces body roll for a sportier and firmer ride. This is one of the best bang for the buck upgrades you can do to your 981...
  5. Porsche 959 1/24 model kit

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    I have a sealed box of a Porsche 959 1/24 Highly accurate display model complete engine detail scale undersurface detailing authentic suspension and interior steerable front wheels ready to assemble
  6. PASM Sport Suspension question

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    This might seem like a silly question, so I apologize since I'm a newbie to the world of Porsche and am not too familiar with all of the technologies. I just bought myself a Certified Pre-Owned 2017 718 Cayman S (and I love it). My model has the optional PASM sports suspension (sits 20mm...
  7. SPL Suspension Products

    Arcflash LLC
    SPL suspension is something we've had in the works and are really excited to now offer. Our website has been updated with their solid product lineup for our Caymans and 911s. SPL designs and manufactures their parts in the USA with certified material sourced in the USA. What's unique about...
  8. Schnell Autosports 981 Boxster/Cayman Rear Lower Support Bars in Stock!

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Our 981 Boxster/Cayman rear lower support bars are back in stock! Our rear support bar is a quick and easy way to make your 981 Boxster or Cayman handle better. There are two frame rails at the rear of the car that are connected to one another by only a stamped piece of metal. Under hard...
  9. Another suspension alternative - custom revalved FCM coilovers

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Wanted to let you guys know about another suspension option for our cars: Automotive Suspension Experts | Fat Cat Motorsports, Inc. (aka FCM) The owner (Shaikh) is well known in the Miata community and I’ve personally had two of his setups in my older Miatas - both rode beautifully even with...
  10. Rear Toe Links with Bump Steer

    987 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    My suspension is in need of adjustable rear toe links so I can utilize the internal camber shims of the Tarett Cup LCA's. My two picks that list bump steer adjustments are Tarett and Elephant rear toe links. Most of my suspension is Tarett, but the Elephant toe links really do look great and...
  11. Configuring 2019 Cayman S - PASM Sport Suspension Question

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    I am currently configuring a Cayman S for 2019 model year. I currently have a 2016 Cayman that I specifically ordered with the X73 suspension. I specifically ordered it to get the stiffer suspension with shorter springs, larger sway bar and shocks as well as 20mm lower ride height. I have been...
  12. Techart Springs or Ohlins

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    Hi All, I have a 2017 718 Cayman S with base suspension on 20" wheels. I can't make up my mind whether to go with just Springs or Ohlins. I do plan on tracking (HPDE2) my car about 12 days a year and mostly use it on weekends. My goal would be to give it a stock drop no more than an inch and...
  13. Question about X73 or suspension install

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Hi I am beginning my DIY install of the X73 suspension. I think this question might come in handy for other individuals looking to install a suspension on their own as well. So the picture below is of the left side/driver side front of my vehicle with the wheels off.. I am wondering what that...
  14. Wheels, Seats, and Suspension <= ADVICE NEEDED

    981 Chat
    Hi Folks, I've a handful of stock parts from my 2015 981 Cayman GTS that are just sitting around in a storage room -- or will be by the end of February when I'll have replaced a bunch of suspension bits. I'd appreciate your thoughts on whether they have sufficient value to sell -- and what I...
  15. [Review] X73 Sports Suspension Retrofit Kit (981 CS)

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    I just installed the X73 SS kit on my 981 CS, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their standard suspension. My search consisted of coilovers, springs, keeping it as-is, etc. My reasons to change were: *better performance (less roll, accel. kick back, float) *better...
  16. Schnell Autosports GT3 Control Arm Upgrade Kit

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Replace your stock control arms with our GT3 control arm kit, and solve that problem. Instead of your control arm being a single piece, this kit divides it into an inner and outer section, allowing you the ability to add shims between the two to increase your camber without having to do...
  17. 718 with PASM and Sports Suspension?

    718 Chat
    Hi, Does anyone here have a 718 with PASM (-10mm) and Sports Suspension (-20mm)... so overall your car is 30mm lower? I'm in the process of speccing a new 718 GTS, and would love to see the difference with all of the above. Thank you in advance. Mark
  18. Looking for X73 suspension OEM alignment specs and recommends.

    981 Chat
    Hey all - now my tune is settled, looking to add the X73 suspension! Before I walk into it, want to get everyone's opinion on the alignment specs I should go for and what the OEM ones are from factory. Thanks!
  19. More in stock!

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    We have more of our 981 front strut tower bars in stock. Place an order today if you want to tighten up the handling on the front of your 981 Boxster or Cayman with Schnell Autosports’ exclusive front strut tower bar! Unlike cheap strut tower bars made for other vehicles, our front strut tower...
  20. Cayman/Boxster Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Want to have your rear sway bar about as soft as stock? No problem. Want it harder than stock for when you're attacking the twisties? It's got you covered. Now you have the ability to set your rear sway bar to where you want it, to match your driving style and needs with the 981 Cayman/Boxster...