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  1. 718 Side Vent Install Pics or Video?

    718 Chat
    Has anyone documented the process of removing and reinstalling the side vents on a 718? If so, can you point me to the pics and/or video please? Thanks in advance!
  2. N. Carolina Hickory, NC Indy

    U.S. Southern Region
    Looking for any recommendations for Indy that will work on a 981. I did look on (most reviews were in Charlotte area) but would like some recommendations. Thanks
  3. Classifieds, but not Panjo

    Community Help
    How do I post a new ad in the classifieds? I can keep getting sent to Panjo, but I see ads in the classifieds that aren't on Panjo, so I think it can be done. Thanks. jD
  4. Welcome Composite Concepts Distribution

    Composite Concepts Distribution
    Hello everyone, Please join me in welcoming our newest site sponsor, Composite Concepts Distribution! Thanks!
  5. Important Security Update

    Community Help
    Hello all, We are reaching out to let our communities know that we have implemented SSL and HTTPS security layers today. If you notice any issues, please report them in the Community to Team section and we will get them addressed ASAP. Thanks in advance, Your Community Management Team
  6. WTB: Waterpump, and clutch kit

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Anyone have one for sale? I'm looking for a water pump and a clutch kit for my 987.1 CS. Pm if anyone has anything thanks.
  7. 718S Service/Workshop Manual

    718 Chat
    Does anyone have suggestions regarding where to look for a service/workshop manual for a 718S? Thanks! Jason
  8. Need opinions on tire damage

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Hi folks, It's been a while since I've posted here. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. (Don't forget to give thanks to the men and women in uniform who are no longer with us.) I just discovered this tire damage while I was washing my CS today. The tire isn't leaking, but the metal object...
  9. Thinking about an FVD tune

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Anyone with a 987.2 S have an FVD tune? Comments? Debating on that vs local shop tuning. Thanks Marc
  10. D3s philips xtreme vision vs osram night breaker unlimited

    981 DIY Discussion
    did any one on here replaced their original bulbs with one of these ? if so did you have any error code? and is it worth it? do they actually give more light than the original ones? thanks
  11. Welcome Vibe Motorsports!

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    Hello everyone, Please join me in welcoming our newest site sponsor, Vibe Motorsports! You can check them out here: Thanks!
  12. How do u know

    981 Chat
    If a car is a 981 or 987, etc. etc.? Thanks!
  13. Dynavin N7-PS MOST Radio Navigation System

    987 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    Is anyone using this headunit? If so, what are your opinions? Thanks, Brad
  14. 2017 Holiday Specials

    News Items
    I would like to thank our sponsors below for offering our members several specials this holiday season. If you have questions about any particular special please contact that sponsor directly and let them know you came from Some of these specials expire very soon so be sure to...
  15. HPDE insurance

    981 Cayman and Boxster Competition
    Please tell me who you use or know about that issues HPDE insurance. Thanks much.
  16. Welcome APEX Race Parts!

    APEX Race Parts
    Hello all, Please take a moment to welcome APEX Race Parts to the community! Thanks,
  17. PASM Custom Setting

    718 Chat
    I understand that PASM in sport mode sets the suspension on the stiffest setting. With the sport chrono package, is there a way to set the car in sport mode but keep PASM in confort? Thanks!
  18. Thanks, Fabspeed -- 2017 Open House

    U.S. Northeast (Nor'Easters) Region
    I attended the Fabspeed 2017 open house today (2017 Fabspeed Motorsport Open House & Exotics Meet) with my son and Cayman S. Good pizza again! My son was excited because he won the last bottle cap opener by guessing how long Fabspeed was in business. Thanks for the event. Any others attend?
  19. PPI Shop in Des Moines?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Can anyone recommend a shop in the Des Moines, IA area to do a PPI? Thanks.
  20. Anyone looking to sell an X73 suspension kit?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Looking to buy slightly used X73 suspension for my 2014 Cayman. Thanks