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  1. Track parts Cayman/Boxster - wheels, tires, brake pads, radiator

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    Hi- I tracked my Cayman once, and won’t be able to track any more. Unfortunately, I need to sell some of my track parts. I’m located in Southern California and prefer to sell locally, except possibly the brake pads. Feel free to call or message me with any questions. Rear brake pads - Pagid...
  2. Winter Tires - 981 Porsche Boxster or Cayman

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    SOLD - Winter Tires - 981 Porsche Boxster or Cayman For sale is a set of winter tires are wheels - OEM Porsche for a 981 Boxster/Cayman. This set is in excellent condition, including colored Porsche center crests, TPMS, Porsche Branded Tire Totes, and Wheel Felts to protect your wheels when in...
  3. 981 Boxster S 19" wheels + winter tire set

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    I have just traded in my 2013 Boxster S so have my winter wheels and tires for sale. The rims are virtually scratch free, with only one very small kerb scuff on one the front rims (third picture). Details: x2 19x8 5-130 +45 Hyper Silver Victor Equipment "Zehn" wheels (front) + 235/40R 19"...
  4. Goodyear Endurance 205/75/R14 trailer tires. Brand New.

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    Goodyear Endurance 205/75/R14 D-rated trailer tires (2) for sale. Brand new. Made in USA. If you're towing on 14" trailer tires, these are THE tires you should be using!! $90/tire (2). Shipping and PayPal fees (none if friend/family/gift) additional. Thank you.
  5. sold

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  6. pair of PS2 295/30ZR19 (100Y) XL

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    still got plenty of tread (9/32) on them. one of them have been plugged, right in the middle of the tread, and no problem holding pressure. my car's front tires were worn and I decided to swap all 4 together to go up to 4S. asking $350, local pick up at Westchester, ny 10706
  7. Hoosier racing slicks 295/675R18 GT - New Pair $300

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    A pair of Hoosier racing tires part number 20560, 295/675R18 GT. These are full racing slicks. Tires are new never mounted or used with stickers still on them located in Los Feliz, CA. Once there tires get up to temperature they hookup with the pavement like you wont believe, your car is on...
  8. 18' Victor Wheels with Michelin PSS tires

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    These "Lemans" wheels are made by Victor Equipment. They are in mint condition, no curb rash or scratches at all. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires have plenty of life left @ 9/32 all around. Front: 18x8 45 offset, 235/40/18 tires Rear: 18x9.5 49 offset , 265/40/18 tires If you have any...
  9. Pirelli P Zero OEM 235/35-20 tires for sale

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    2-235/35-20 N0 tires with 8/32" treas. No damage or problems with them, just sold the car before I put them back on wheels. $80 plus shipping. Contact [email protected] since I'm not on here every day.
  10. FS 2014 Cayman S 981

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    $49,000. Currently 20,036 miles. Located in Louisville, KY Rhodium silver, Agate gray/Pebble 2 tone interior. Well optioned, always garaged, no accidents/clean car fax, never tracked or smoked in. Rear tires replaced at 16k miles (one had sidewall puncture so replaced both), front tires...
  11. 981 GTS Wheels and tires for Auto X

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    Mono RF-20 custom offset wheels and Bridgestone RE71R tires. A Street legal package for 981 Cayman and Boxster. Fronts - 19x8.5 ET50 with TPMS sensors and 255/35-19 Tires @ 7/32" tread Rears - 19x10 ET46 with TPMS sensors and 305/30-19 Tires @ 8/32" tread. Perfect condition. $2000 + shipping...
  12. FS: CCW C10 18" monoblock wheels and V710 tires

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    SOLD - FS: CCW C10 18" monoblock wheels and V710 tires SOLD - Lightly used set of CCW C10 - 8.5 & 10 - 18" monoblock, grey and never used for Daily Driver. Metal stems, no sensors. Offset is standard OEM offset to fit a 2007 Cayman as in the Pic. These are a light weight aluminum monoblock and...
  13. 2008 cayman s wheels and tires

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    vossen wheels wider than stock with ps2 tires. only about 10 thousand miles on them . message me for details and pics ? best offer
  14. FS: 4x Andros 18" wheels w/ new Pirelli snow tires

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    I have four new Andros 18x8 and 18x9 wheels with Pirelli snow tires. Tires have less then 3 miles on them. No TMPS. Bought a Jeep for winter so don't need these. Cayman/Boxster. May fit other models. Link to wheels...
  15. Which Tires??

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    So, to pass PA inspection I need to get 4 new Tires. Current tires, w/ 17,000 on the car are Pirelli PZero's. Tread is not gone but tires are dry rotted and cracked and will not pass PA inspection. My options are: Pirelli PZero's Michelin Pilot Super Sports. (not sure if these are...
  16. 718 Boxster tire life?

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    I have a 2017 Boxster w/ automatic and 19" Boxster S wheels, equipped with Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tires. I'm on my second set of rear tires and seeing about 7500 miles of life per set. The fronts will probably be worn out soon at 15,000. I drive the car very conservatively...basically...
  17. TPMS from 981 to 718 Winter Tires

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    Hi all - put on my 981 winter tires on my new 718 and as I knew would happen the TPMS does not work. My question is instead of paying $650 for the dealer, has anybody gone through a local big chain tire store or something like that where they are quick with all the equipment versus my indy shop...
  18. 17'' tire options on 987.2

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Recently purchased 2011 PRG base Cayman w. 17'' wheels. 11k miles on original tires - due to age of tires I'm looking for replacements. Don't intend to track car or drive very agressively. I want a tire that can be run year round and am looking at performance all-seasons. Understand that running...
  19. Eagle F1 asymmetric use on Cayman GTS

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    I have been though two set of Goodyear F1 assymetrics with almost identical results. On a 2016 981 Cayman GTS, driving spirited 75 percent of time on very open and winding roads using the full capability of car. Rear tires grip phenomenal from 0-3k miles, then go neutral from 3k-5 and drop off...
  20. Comparison of Michelin 4S and Bridgestone S007A

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    When doing a recent search of the Tire Rack website for tires found that Bridgestone has a new extreme performance tire, the Potenza S007A. Since this tire has the correct speed rating and an attractive price I am considering it for replacement of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires I currently...