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  1. Cayman 20" turbo style wheels

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Excellent condition OEM Porsche Turbo style wheels (20x9.5 & 20x8) from my 2016 Cayman GTS. No dents or curb rash. $7000 for the wheels if new. Asking $3500 or best offer. If you buy the wheels, you can have a free Eagle Asymmetric tire (235/35-20) with only 1117 miles on it.
  2. *** RELAUNCHED w/ UPDATES!!! *** TPC 981 Bolt-on Turbo Kit

    981 Boxster Spyder Chat
    Want more power than a GT4?! Look no further by adding BOOST to your 981 with the TPC Racing bolt-on turbo kit! AVAILABLE NOW FOR PDK and MT! 981 Cayman/Boxster owners, we have the turbo kit for you to edge out the power and torque of the GT4/3.8 swap for an amazing price with everything you...
  3. Turbo for your Turbo?

    718 Chat
    Added new domed gloss Black Turbo emblem to the rear and reflective side emblems for a bit of personalization. Probably not for everyone... Also ordered AWE Track exhaust with Black tips, BMC high flow air filter and Techart front lip.
  4. Fabspeed Motorsport | Porsche 718 Product Suite

    718 Chat
    Fabspeed is proud to announce the release of our Exhaust Suite for the 718. We have developed solutions from tips to turbo to help you meet your power, aesthetic, and sound goals. The 718 with its turbo boxer four cylinder engine is quite the departure from the flat-six power plant of the...
  5. Fabspeed | Porsche 718 Boxster/Cayman Supercup Turboback Exhaust System

    718 Chat
    Phil From Fabspeed. Fabspeed's Supercup Turboback Exhaust System for the 718 Boxster/Cayman is the ultimate solution for performance, decreasing turbo lag and 36lbs of weight while offering an invigorating increase in turbo sound and boxer rumble. Here is a great review about the system...
  6. Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Carbon Graphite - Porsche 997 Turbo - Photoshoot- Team VIBE

    Vibe Motorsports
    Hello Forum Members, just wanted to share the all new Vorsteiner V-FF 101 on a Porsche 997 Turbo we did We would like to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions. Feel free to comment on this thread, we are all car enthusiasts and love to listen your take on this new fitment. :) Porsche 997...
  7. Cayenne Turbo Consumption

    Cayenne and Macan Chat
    Anyone with a Cayenne Turbo 2012 model care to share gas consumption experience? How many liters / 100 kmh do you consume?
  8. 718 long term reliability/cost

    718 Chat
    I’m very curious to see how these turbo engines hold up over time, and how it will effect used 718 prices. So far, I have not seen anything catastrophic in terms of reliability. In fact, predicted reliability looks very good. Turbo 911s are built to last and the used market is very strong for...
  9. TPC Turbo kit for Tritronic 987 S 2008

    TPC Turbo Kits
    TPC Turbo kit for Triptronic 987 S 2008 Hi all, Im planning to put Turbo kit stage 2 on my 2008 Cayman S Triptronic. I also plan to add pedal shifts with custom D steering wheel, add deep sump oil pan etc. Question is, did anyone put Turbo on triptronic on this forum and what other mods are...
  10. My 718 Cayman GTS Has Arrived (Photo Heavy)

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    Hi, My 718 Cayman GTS arrived last week. I've included a few (lots) snaps below. In comparison to my Cayman S, the GTS is an amazing car in every aspect, if you can live with the sound of the 2.5 turbo engine... or the lack of a NA flat 6 sound :-) I've found myself taking the Cayman S out...
  11. Porsche Turbo II Wheel Help!

    911 Modifications
    Hey gang, hopefully someone can answer a few questions for me. I have a 997.2 cab, and recently bought a set of Turbo II wheels – when I spoke to my local dealership, they informed me the offset was wrong and the wheels wouldn’t work on the car. Anyone have thoughts? What size tires are you...
  12. Top gear: Tesla model S versus 911 R

    Automotive Off Topic
    By Chris Harris. Man is the Tesla fast in a straight line to 120. A Turbo or Turbo S obviously would be a better car for a drag race. The rest of the commentary by Harris is on the Tesla. Reminds him of his aunty and makes passengers sick with its pogo stick suspension. Still, I would love one...
  13. TPC Racing Cyber Monday Sale!

    TPC Racing General Forum
    For Cyber Monday, we are offering 10% off of our extremely popular TPC Racing 987.1 and 987.2 Turbo Kits (all three stages)! As well, we are offering 10% off of our 987 and 981 TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Toe links AND 10% off of our 981 tuning! Great savings for tremendous performance...
  14. Carerra S vs 911 Turbo wheels - pros and cons

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Considering purchasing a 981 Boxster with the 911 Turbo wheels. Not a big fan of those wheels as they are a bit busy. Which wheels do you like more, the Carrera S or Turbo wheels? Any maintenance issues with either? Would it be difficult to find someone to swap?
  15. THE Einstein 119GT24 Turbo Luxe

    Automotive Off Topic
    Greetings from Cupertino. Tired of burning carbon whether it be gasoline from a pump or electricity from an outlet, Clueless Manufacturing has the answer: THE Einstein 119GT24 Turbo Luxe! Our new vehicle is truly revolutionary. It is powered by a hybrid power plant. Think of a power unit that...
  16. South Bend clutches?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    Anybody here running a South Bend clutch? Specifically on a DFI car (987.2+)? I ran their stuff on my old 944 Turbo (big turbo, short gears, etc.) and it was excellent. Held power, let me abuse the crap out of it (lots and lots of aggressive slipping starts at autocross). Noticed they offer...
  17. Delaware in the Fall

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    I decided to strap a GoPro camera on my 2018 C4 this afternoon to show everyone what Fall looks like in Delaware right now. 1:53 sec video that includes a covered bridge and some manual transmission action. Producer: Subshooter Sound track: Flat-6 Twin Turbo presented by the Zuffenhausen...
  18. X51 Turbos

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Just some eye candy for you 991.2 guys. Factory upgraded X51 turbochargers and software completely backed by a Porsche warranty. You simply can't beat it. Sale ends Monday and we're selling through these quickly. Give us a call or shoot us a PM if you have any questions. 991.2 X51 Powerkit...
  19. 997 DSC Sport/TPC Racing/Tractive Suspension Overhaul!

    911 Modifications
    997 Suspension upgrade for NO COMPROMISE STREET AND TRACK! Combining our latest active suspension technology with proven mechanical geometry components! TPC Racing provides the proven race winning suspension geometry setup while DSC Sport provides the active suspension control and Tractive...
  20. 997 DSC Sport/TPC Racing/Tractive Suspension Overhaul!

    TPC Racing General Forum
    997 Suspension upgrade for NO COMPROMISE STREET AND TRACK! Combining our latest active suspension technology with proven mechanical geometry components! TPC Racing provides the proven race winning suspension geometry setup while DSC Sport provides the active suspension control and Tractive...