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  1. 987 Cayman/Boxster Electronics 2005-2012
    Anyone with TPC turbo kit pushing 500+ what aftermarket ecu are you running? Haltech, AEM, Syvecs?
  2. Macan Chat
    I have a 2015 Turbo - had some corrosion of the Park Assist module so I bought a new one directly from Porsche dealership - exact same number 95B.919.475.C hoping I would not have to goto the dealer for coding. Well it fixed all my error codes but now says "coding" when using the...
  3. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Hello all, I am contemplating doing an LS swap so up for sell is my turbo kit, forged engine, drivetrain, clutch, ECU, and other things... I have a 987 with a forged engine from LN Engineering (JE pistions, Nikasil Liners, IMS update, carbon crank etc...) that is designed for boost, transaxle...
  4. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Hi everyone, I just joined. I'm possibly selling my Evo X soon and I'm already looking around for the next car. I'm looking at a few different kind of cars and a 987 turbocharged or swapped cayman peeked my interest. I'm in California but would travel. My pricing is around 25k-ish. Clean...
  5. Club 911 - General Discussion
    So this won't be happening for a few years but currently I'm going the through process of making a deal with my stepdad where all of the money gained from selling my current car (981 cayman s) on top of all the money my family normally spends on buying the children a new car will go straight to...
  6. Classifieds, Parts, Tools, and Accessories
    Excellent condition OEM Porsche Turbo style wheels (20x9.5 & 20x8) from my 2016 Cayman GTS. No dents or curb rash. $7000 for the wheels if new. Asking $3500 or best offer. If you buy the wheels, you can have a free Eagle Asymmetric tire (235/35-20) with only 1117 miles on it.
  7. 981 Boxster Spyder Chat 2015 (Eur), 2016 (Eur, US)
    Want more power than a GT4?! Look no further by adding BOOST to your 981 with the TPC Racing bolt-on turbo kit! AVAILABLE NOW FOR PDK and MT! 981 Cayman/Boxster owners, we have the turbo kit for you to edge out the power and torque of the GT4/3.8 swap for an amazing price with everything you...
  8. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Added new domed gloss Black Turbo emblem to the rear and reflective side emblems for a bit of personalization. Probably not for everyone... Also ordered AWE Track exhaust with Black tips, BMC high flow air filter and Techart front lip.
  9. 718 Cayman/Boxster (982) Modifications 2017-Now
    Fabspeed is proud to announce the release of our Exhaust Suite for the 718. We have developed solutions from tips to turbo to help you meet your power, aesthetic, and sound goals. The 718 with its turbo boxer four cylinder engine is quite the departure from the flat-six power plant of the...
  10. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Phil From Fabspeed. Fabspeed's Supercup Turboback Exhaust System for the 718 Boxster/Cayman is the ultimate solution for performance, decreasing turbo lag and 36lbs of weight while offering an invigorating increase in turbo sound and boxer rumble. Here is a great review about the system...
  11. 958 Cayenne 2011-2018 - 2nd Generation
    Anyone with a Cayenne Turbo 2012 model care to share gas consumption experience? How many liters / 100 kmh do you consume?
  12. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    I’m very curious to see how these turbo engines hold up over time, and how it will effect used 718 prices. So far, I have not seen anything catastrophic in terms of reliability. In fact, predicted reliability looks very good. Turbo 911s are built to last and the used market is very strong for...
  13. 718 Cayman/Boxster Porsche (982) Chat 2017-Now
    Hi, My 718 Cayman GTS arrived last week. I've included a few (lots) snaps below. In comparison to my Cayman S, the GTS is an amazing car in every aspect, if you can live with the sound of the 2.5 turbo engine... or the lack of a NA flat 6 sound :-) I've found myself taking the Cayman S out...
  14. 911 Modifications
    Hey gang, hopefully someone can answer a few questions for me. I have a 997.2 cab, and recently bought a set of Turbo II wheels – when I spoke to my local dealership, they informed me the offset was wrong and the wheels wouldn’t work on the car. Anyone have thoughts? What size tires are you...
  15. Porsche Tires & Wheels
    Considering purchasing a 981 Boxster with the 911 Turbo wheels. Not a big fan of those wheels as they are a bit busy. Which wheels do you like more, the Carrera S or Turbo wheels? Any maintenance issues with either? Would it be difficult to find someone to swap?
1-15 of 145 Results