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  1. 987 complete soft top assembly

    Planet-9 Classifieds
    Hi, my dad mistakenly bought this from a dismantler thinking it'd work on his 986. It's from a 2005 Boxster and is in excellent shape. Located in Portland, OR and obviously pickup would be easier than shipping, but I can try to work something out if need be. Asking $500.
  2. RE71r Tire Sizes

    718 Chat
    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get more track oriented tires for my stock 20" wheels on a 718 S. Was leaning towards the re71r because it actually comes in 20" but the widths don't match with stock. Do any of you guys use this tire with the stock 20" wheels? If so, what tire size would you...
  3. looking for pointers to videos on replacing coils on a BS

    981 DIY Discussion
    I can find ones on previous models but none on current models. The closest I found was replacing the exhaust. After my fiasco with a failed #6 coil ending my track weekend early, I would like to see if its possible for me to replace these in situ. Thanks in advance.
  4. EU emissions-GPF

    718 Chat
    I haven't seen any info on the forum regarding the new emission standards the EU is implementing on newer vehicles with regards to the inclusion of GPF's (gasoline particulate filters). From what i have read, all German cars from 2017 on, are, and will be equipped with GPF's. It is my...
  5. Cayman GTS winter wheels

    718 Chat
    I’m about to take delivery of a 2019 Cayman GTS and would like some advice on wheel brands for winter tires. I would like to buy 19 inch wheels and probably use Michelin Alpins. I would also like to stick with the black finish. I am not looking for forged wheels, too expensive for winter use. I...
  6. 718 GT4 - Success or Failure?

    981 Cayman GT4 Chat
    Ok I'm starting to get enough questions of "Hey are you trading your existing GT4 in on a new one?" that I thought I would pose the question to all of you about what would make the new 718 GT4 a success or failure. While I am not planning to trade or buy one, here are some thoughts from my...
  7. RSS gone berserk

    Community Help
    The bot is pulling articles from months ago and it is cluttering up the new posts view. It would be nice if someone would fix this.
  8. NJ (Central) Independent Mechanic

    U.S. Northeast (Nor'Easters) Region
    Hi all, I'm approaching 1yr ownership of the Cayman, and am looking for a good independent mechanic for my oil change, brake fluid flush, etc. I'm located in Westfield, so would prefer one in central NJ, although I am willing to travel further for a good shop. FWIW I am looking for a shop that...
  9. About those current exhaust tip options

    981 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    After trying to keep the existing stock rear tips on the 981 presentable for 6 years, I've gotten to the pint that it's probably time for something better. The choices are : Fabspeed--nice looking, but a bit pricey AFE--claims of more HP but unknown--to me--reputation Soul Perf--looks good with...
  10. 718 S, what to offer?

    718 Chat
    I found this Cayman 718 S for sale and it's nicely optioned. Looking for P-Cars is a tedious job, when you find one that has all the options everyone else wants them too, so they disappear quickly. Here is the car, the dealer is asking $73.4 k with about 5,400 miles. I was going to ask them to...
  11. 987 Gen 1 Exhaust race headers for 987 Gen2

    987 Cayman and Boxster Modifications
    Folks, I am getting a free exhaust race header ( no CATS) from a Gen 1 987. My cayman is a GEN2 987. Would this header from past fit in mine? i know the CEL would trigger on cause of the CAT less, but 02 spacers would be installed as well to try and eliminate the possibility of that.
  12. Is it possible to add heated seats?

    981 Cayman and Boxster Electronics
    I'm looking at a beautiful 981 that has almost everything I want except heated seats. I love those cool evening drives with the windows down and heat on. Is it possible to add Porsche heat elements to the seats and switches to a vehicle that did not have them from the factory? If so, would...
  13. PSS9s about to go in, what other upgrades to do at the same time?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    Hi All, I am about in install a set of PSS9s on my base 987.2 Cayman. The car has ~65k miles and no other suspension mods as of yet. I will be having my local independent shop do the install and was wondering what else makes sense to have done at the same time as the coilovers? My first...
  14. Where do I gain access to the AC evaporator coil?

    987 Cayman and Boxster Service and Tech
    I've used klima clean in the past, tried the spray up the hose under the bottom of the car, tried their product where you put in the passenger foot-well and when pressed it releases all the contents as you have the fans on max and quickly close the door. These methods worked marginally and...
  15. Porsche Tracker PVTS FOB issue

    Club 911 - General Discussion
    Insurance company require this. I know it defeats the object but I would like to attach the fob to my keyring and remove when appropriate. Otherwise I will forget it. Therefore, I would like to drill a small hole in it, but which corner without damaging internals? I don't want to put it in an...
  16. Sun damaged headlights

    981 Chat
    Hey guys, I purchase my Cayman GTS not long ago thinking damage to these headlights would buff out, I took it to a professional detailer and was informed the damage is deeper than it appears, the only option was to replace them. I looked at new replacement headlights and they are $2195 a piece...
  17. 981 Nitto NT555-G2, would you try them?

    Porsche Tires & Wheels
    I heard good things about these tires and Nitto is a sponsor here on Planet-9. My car is a 981S with 19-inch wheels so 235/40-19 and 265/40-19. Nitto already makes these tires in the rear size but not for the front. I emailed Nitto and requested they look into making 235/40 but never heard back...
  18. Beyond the 718: What will next gen Cayman/Boxter be?

    Automotive Off Topic
    I am enjoying my 981 CB immensely, but a recent loaner drive of a 718S introduced fresh salt on the upgrade wound. Being retired, if I do get a new/newer car I would need to go back to work part-time to make up any difference to keep the domestic tranquility if you know what I mean. That...
  19. 2010 Cayman for sell soon....

    987 Cayman and Boxster Chat
    I have a 2010 Cayman Base I am getting ready to sell, I have had it for over 5 years, all maint up to guys have been great so I thought I would give a heads up before I list it, 65,000 family is growing and just need a bigger car, never tracked, either......text me if would...
  20. Canadian Boxster Owner Needs AUS travel advice!

    Australia and Down Under
    My wife and I are taking a long cruise from LA through the polynesian islands, around NZ and ending in Sydney arriving in October of this year We would like to spend a few days in Sydney, and then rent a car and drive along the coast potentially all the way to Brisbane and then fly home from...