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<h4>Über-Ultra: TechArt Tweaks the Dazzling Porsche Carrera GT</h4>

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<p class="dateposted">Date posted: 08-21-2006

LEONBERG-HOFINGEN, Germany — TechArt Automobildesign knows Porsches. It also knows how to make Porsches go the extra mile — even limited-edition, midengine über-Porsches like the Carrera GT.

TechArt starts under the skin with some mild tweaks, including the addition of a modified intake system and its stainless-steel sport exhaust system. The result is a modest increase in output, from 612 to 635 horsepower.

Carbon-fiber body pieces improve aerodynamics and enhance the car's already powerful visual appeal. The front fascia gets a one-piece lip spoiler and a new air outlet, while the rear adds a three-piece 'gurney flap' with a center section that extends with the pop-up rear wing at speed. The front spoiler and rear flaps help reduce lift to improve directional stability at higher speeds.

/UserFiles/techart carrera3.jpg

On one customer's car, exposed carbon-fiber pieces provide a visual contrast to the metallic orange paint scheme. The same vehicle was fitted with a leather-and-carbon-fiber steering wheel and a gearshift lever made of exposed carbon fiber. TechArt, of course, can custom-tailor the interior and exterior parts to any customer's personal needs and tastes.

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What this means to you: Let's see. A metallic orange Carrera GT with exposed carbon-fiber pieces and a 635-hp stinger in the tail. Nope, can't imagine the local cops will spot this car coming.

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<h3 style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in"><span lang="en-US">TechArt Refines the Porsche Carrera GT [/quote]
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in"><span lang="en-US">/UserFiles/7060821.jpg[/quote]
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in"><span lang="en-US">Is it possible to make a Porsche Carrera GT even more sporty and exclusive? Yes it is! TechArt Automobildesign now customizes one of the rare mid-engine super sports cars for one of its long-time customers.[/quote]
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in">The TechArt designers have developed aerodynamically efficient custom-tailored body components made from exposed carbon fiber that serve as a visual contrast to the metallic-orange special paint. A new air outlet on the upper half of the front fascia and a one-piece spoiler lip on the lower half give the front of the two-seater an even more dynamic appearance. The low-reaching front spoiler reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds further and thus further optimizes directional stability.
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in">/UserFiles/TA carerra GT.jpg
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in">TechArt has also developed a three-piece gurney flap that serves as the aerodynamic counterpart in the rear. The center piece of the separation edge extends together with the pop-up rear wing and in combination with the fixed spoiler edges on the left and right produces additional downforce on the rear axle.
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in">While suspension and tires remain untouched the peripherals of the 5.7-liter V10 engine are upgraded with a TechArt stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system and a modified intake system. Both benefit not only the engine sound that escapes through the two production tailpipes; the modifications also increase maximum power output from 612 hp / 450 kW to some 635 hp / 467 kW.
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in">/UserFiles/tECHaRT Carerra GT.jpg
<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in"><span lang="en-US">Further room for improvement of the Carrera GT lay in the cockpit. TechArt customized the interior with an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel with leather/carbon fiber rim, and a shifter made from exposed carbon fiber. Requests for even more exclusive and colorful fully leather interiors are answered by the TechArt upholstery shop.[/quote]

<div class="verdana7" style="CLEAR: left">Text & photos edited by Brian Potter

Source: TechArt Automobildesign


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