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Kachel Motor Company is back at it again, this time unleashing their 987 Cayman shop car known as “The Gentleman Racer” out onto the newly repaved roads of Club Motorsports in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Club Motorsports is a 2.5 mile track that carves through acres of wooded terrain, featuring dramatic changes in elevation and 15 turns through scenery epic enough to distract the most focused of drivers.

Diverting your attention back to the subject of our photoshoot - the machine, KMC’s Gentleman Racer is equipped with top notch performance and safety components which have been either fabricated in-house or handpicked from some of the industry's leading parts manufacturers. In addition to other Porsche models commonly found on the race track, Tim and his team are intimately familiar with all generations of the Cayman platform and prepare them for a wide range of enthusiasts from street car to competitive race car. After consulting with the client to understand their personal goals for the car, performance and budgetary needs, and their experience behind the wheel, KMC’s goal is to deliver their clients a well performing machine with an emphasis on reliability and safety.

You’ll find the Gentleman Racer wearing a staggered set of our 18x9” and 18x10” SM-10 Porsche wheels in Race Silver wrapped in Pirelli DH Slicks. Lightweight and durable 18" wheels in a chassis specific width and offset is one of the key modifications Porsche track enthusiasts and club racers count on for maximizing performance, reducing rotational mass, and mitigating the seasonal budget.

The SM-10 features I-beam spokes which removes material in strategic places to reduce weight while maintaining strength, and knurled beading along the barrel to reduce unwanted tire slippage. The barrel of this 18" wheel design was also carefully engineered from scratch to clear some of the largest aftermarket brake kits on the market, as well as the factory Porsche carbon ceramics (PCCBs) found on select 996 & 997 models. For those that enjoy the fine details, our Porsche wheels also accept the factory Porsche crest center caps.

If you are in the New England area, be sure to keep an eye out for a white and green blurry object approaching fast.


Wheels & Tires

APEX SM-10 Wheels in Race Silver
Pirelli DH Slicks
Front: 18x9” ET46 - 245/645-18
Rear: 18x10” ET36 - 305/645-18

KMC built engine
Assco lightweight flywheel
Numeric SSK
Softronic performance software

Suspension & brakes
JRZ RS coilovers
Tarret monoball upper strut tops F/R
SS brake lines
GT3 master cylinder
Hawk DTC 70 pads
KMC GT3 electric power steering

Body & Aero
GD interseries rear wing
JTC front splitter
JTC Canards

Interior & Safety
KMC custom roll cage finished in viper green
Cobra Sebring halo seats
Schroth Profi harnesses
BBi seat mounts
Lizard skin thermo barrier
Rennline quick release adapter
OMP steering wheel
KMC custom floor pans
Longacre rear view
Longacre steering wheel hook
SFI roll bar padding

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