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07 Cayman S TPC Turbo Kit - Engine beeped and blinked for about 10 secs. No codes though.

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The car had multiple misfire codes so I went ahead and installed new spark plugs. NGK #2667 BKR7EIX gapped them at .028”. Cleared codes and went for a spirited drive. The car ran fine and on the way home, I heard a beep and the CEL light blinked for about 10 secs then went away. Drove her carefully home close by and scanned for codes. Showed no codes. I had the dash read the oil level meter and it showed about half full! I just ordered an oil change kit as well as an air old separator to be safe.

Do you guys know what that CEL meant? I hope I didn't damage anything with the low oil level =( I also have new set of BERU coil packs to install. Any ideas or inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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My last car was a 987.2 CS w/ TPC turbo kit. I bought an AutoGage boost gauge but sold the car before installing it. I'll make you a great deal on it if you want one.
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