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07 Cayman S TPC Turbo Kit - Engine beeped and blinked for about 10 secs. No codes though.

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The car had multiple misfire codes so I went ahead and installed new spark plugs. NGK #2667 BKR7EIX gapped them at .028”. Cleared codes and went for a spirited drive. The car ran fine and on the way home, I heard a beep and the CEL light blinked for about 10 secs then went away. Drove her carefully home close by and scanned for codes. Showed no codes. I had the dash read the oil level meter and it showed about half full! I just ordered an oil change kit as well as an air old separator to be safe.

Do you guys know what that CEL meant? I hope I didn't damage anything with the low oil level =( I also have new set of BERU coil packs to install. Any ideas or inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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TPC would be happy to talk with you about the codes, HA HA. Change the oil and cut open the oil filter to see if there are any engine parts in it. No engine parts, then plugs, coils, AOS and new oil. Let us know what happened. .
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I would look under your car at the oil pan and see if its original by the color of the aluminum and the motor. If there is a 3/4 inch extension all the way around the oil pan, then you have a 10 qt capability. As GT3 states, you might also have an oil cooler, which may add a few more mls of oil. Check with TPC though as they can let you know what brand of oil is best to protect their work and as if the oil cooler needs any special oil valve opened to empty the old oil out.
The other way is to take a picture of your sump. We know what a standard one looks like and if TPC change to a deeper sump, we can see that. As long as your oil gauge on the dash works, just put in the 8.5 qts, includes oil filter, then read the gauge. Cut up the oil filter and put a very bright lite to the folds as laying flat to see any metal particules. You will become very good at cutting up the old filters.
When you changed plugs, did you notice any build up on plugs for 1 & 6 cylinders. Just wondering if its the injectors for those cylinders that have gotten their spray patterns changed, maybe due to the installation as they are port injectors.
If you can determine if the injector lines are not kinked due to the special TPC turbo intake manifold. Maybe they used the OEM one? A picture of the top of the motor would help.
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