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07 Cayman Wiring Question

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My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but the results from several searches and over an hour of looking have not yielded the info I need. :helpme:

1) I am installing an HID coversion kit into an 07 Cayman and need to know which wire to the low beam bulb is + and which is - . There is a yellow and brown wire. I believe polarity matters (I'm not sure).

2) I'm a little concerned about cramming the thin ballast, exciter unit and HID warning canceller into the headlight housing (yes they fit-but it's a cram job). Will they generate a heat problem? :eek: I see where several people have done retrofits, but did you cram everything inside? I'm reluctant to cut the sealed headlight unit and run the wires to these items through a hole that I create.

Thoughts? :thanks:
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Wow! No responses! I figured this one would be easy! As it turns out, I ran some tests, and found the brown wire is ground and yellow is hot on the low beams. Drove with the lights on for several hours today and no issues. So I guess I'm out of the woods. I installed 6000K HID's and really like the change. They match the other mods I made with the LED fog light bulbs and the LED's in the grill that I found on this forum. Posted this so if someone else is scratching their head out there they will hopefully find this answer. It's all good! :cheers:
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