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2015 Cayman S PDK
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I'll say you can buy with confidence. I used their butter wet wax and their leather treatment with vitamin E. I was gifted some Griot's products and have used lexol, chemical guy's leather treatment I think is the best of the three and my grandfathers were both shoemakers with their own shops. Their wax was also excellent, I'm confident you will like their products.
I also like the wax product. The headlight polish was the bomb as well. But… I bought the chemical guys polish and swirl remover and I thought it was useless. It wasn’t abrasive at all to get out wet sand marks at all. Ended up going back to Meguires M105 then the M205. Best professional polish IMO.
Gets a nice finish after a lot of hard work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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