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Hi all,

I promised it a long time ago, but here I am with my an honest and exhaustive feedback on my Boxster S order experience and 18-month ownership... Hope this will help some of you... :)

First just to give ow a quick reminder, the pictures of my car upon delivery are there:

Then, my opinion on the options and accessories I got...

- Guards Red exterior with Black convertible Top
I really wanted the ’90s sportscar look and this combo along with the two-tone interior is spot-on for that :)
- Top tinted windscreen
Not really visible neither from the outside nor the inside… The sun visors are also pretty good, making this item maybe not relevant at all…
- Tinted lateral windows
I chose Llumar ATR15 (which is actually a 18% visible light transmission film) and am very happy with the result both aesthetically and effectively and also both with the top up and down… Not tinting the rear window was kind of a gamble as I did not know if there would be too much of a contrast with the lateral windows when the top is up, but it came out perfect as the angle of the rear window makes it darker than it is under most of conditions. I also did not want the rear window to be totally black in case I used the net-type wind deflector with the top up.
- Smoked taillights
I purchased those as OEM accessories after I got the car delivered, and I was able to swap the taillights myself which felt like a great achievement… eh eh Nonetheless those really pop out on the Guards Red color of the car and am also very happy wit the result.
- LED side markers
Ordered those through my dealer who was reluctant at first, but definitely a nice upgrade to the car. Those markers really make the car more modern looking.
- Headlight cleaning system covers painted
I don’t like the covers with the regular aluminium finish. If I had to do it again I might choose to paint them in black though in red it looks pretty good too.
- Exterior mirror lower trims painted
Got this painting job done from the factory as I already had the idea of getting the upper trims done in carbon fiber, which reverts the contrast on the mirrors and blends the carbon fiber finish into the tinted windows color.
- Rear diffusor and exterior mirror upper trims in carbon fiber
Got those from DBCarbon which is a really nice company to deal with. The finish is top notch and the delivery times not so bad. Those two items definitely makes the car stand out among others and also brings an additional sporty touch to the vehicle.
- Deletion of Model Designation/"Porsche" emblem in black
I guess these are personal preferences, but am really happy wit the result.
- Net-type wind deflector/Ur-Windschott
The regular deflector is ok though I did not use it for very long. The Ur-Windschott one made of glass is really nice and makes the rear visibility perfect without any rattle whatsoever.
- 20-inch Carrera S wheels in satin platinum finish w/ Wheel Caps
I struggled a lot with the choice of the wheels. I liked the look of plain aluminium with the rest of the car colors… But in the end the satin platinum finish is really nice looking and has a great advantage: it hides the brakes dust and make the wheels look clean for longer period of time without actually having to clean them. So much cheaper than getting the PCCB brakes… eh eh After all I think the Carrera Classic wheels make an even bigger visual enhancement to the car, but am still pretty happy with the Carrera S. The comfort with those is also pretty good with the PASM.
- Silver valve stem caps with crest
A nice touch of class to be added to the wheels. I was concerned those would not look ok with the wheels in satin platinum finish, but in the end it looks pretty neat.
- Fuel filler cap with aluminium look finish
OEM accessory also. Definitely not a must-have, not a bad purchase either. I guess it makes the tank filling experience more pleasant… For me at least.

- Two-tone leather interior Black/Luxor Beige
Really nice looking combo with the deviated stitching. Blends very well with the Guards Red exterior also. Would I do it again? Maybe not, as I discovered maintaining the beige leather seats is a pain in the *** if you are as maniac as I am… :D
- Adaptive Power Sport Seats Plus (18-way) with Memory Pack
Very good seats. I chose them over the 14-way ones as I felt less constrained at shoulders level in those « Plus » seats. The multiple adjustments make them very comfortable and the memory function is really convenient when having someone else test-driving your car. One thing I did not expect is that they are higher than the non-electrical seats, not from a lot but still a bit higher; I ended up having my seat set-up at the lower position and would have done lower if I could even though I am only 5"10
- Porsche crest embossed on head restraints
A must-have for me. It really enhances the classiness of the car.
- Sports seat Plus backrests in leather
I did not want the gray backrests as I did not anything else on the car in this color. In the end this exclusive item came out nice, but would not do it again considering the price. Also if I had to do something else I would have those backrests made out of carbon fiber from DBCarbon or ask Porsche to get them in black leather with big deviated stitching instead of plain beige…
- Seat belts in red
Sportscars need red seat belts! lol
- Extended interior package dashboard trim in leather
Am glad I picked this one last-minute with the advice and the help of the forum. It added nice deviated stitching areas to the dashboard.
- Door trim package in leather
Useless… You can hardly distinguish the parts that are covered in leather from a regular interior.
- Steering column casing leather
This one is nice though it did not came with deviated stitching, making this black leather part the only one different from the others on the car…
- 911 door handles in leather (option Z27012)
Yes, this was an option at the time… The full leather interior still came with plastic door handles at that time. If I am not mistaken it is not the case anymore.
- SportDesign steering wheel in Black Alcantara
Like the look, like the feel… Would have loved this wheel to be heating and have the multifunction buttons though… I guess the new Macan-type wheel will solve the issue on next versions.
- Carbon interior package /Center console trim in Carbon
Nice finish, and fits perfect with the rest of the car colors combo. But a bit expensive… Might be cheaper going the DBCarbon way.
- Door sill guards in stainless steel
Don’t like the small regular sill guards, those ones are pretty nice. I would take them lighted if I had to do it again, really makes a difference at night.
- Vehicle key painted
Again not a must-have but makes the whole experience just a bit more enjoyable. Worth the expensive money for me.
- Personalized Floor mats with leather edging
I took them black with beige leather edges and black stitching. With my interior combo, I think the regular floor mats would have been plenty enough.
- Luxor beige sport chrono instument dial
I also struggled a lot with the choice of the dials color… But in the end only coloring the sport chrono one ended up pretty classy and is not a common finish.
- Smoking package
Smoker or not smoker, THIS is a must-have. And it is free of charge!! :p

- Bi-Xenon™ headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)
Nice looking and very efficient lights. I think those on a budget could drop it on a S as the regular lights are already Xenon, but still a nice add-on.
- ParkAssist (front and rear)
A must-have for me as the visibility of the car ends is not always easy to apprehend… Those would not detect very low things like pavement edges though.
- Electric folding outside mirrors
Very convenient with the auto-folding function activated when locking the car. Also I don't remember if this comes with this option or with the memory seats, but the mirror lowering when in reverse gear is also pretty cool feature.
- Automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor
Must-have option for the rain sensor… But with the tinted windows, am often deactivating the auto-dimming as it makes the rear mirrors too dark… Food for thoughts…
- Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)
Am not tr acking the car, so I will not say I felt a huge advantage having this on the car. The car is really efficient and pleasant to drive on the road. Does it come from this option? I would not say so…
- Boîte de vitesse Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
I would not consider the new GT4 or Spyder as they don’t have this! I felt in love with dual-clutch on my previous Audi and could just not go back to manual… Makes things so much easier, enjoyable and safer (keeping both hands on the wheel at all times especially during spirited driving). Have also to say the PDK is in a class of its own, compared to the S-Tronic I had on my previous TT-RS it seems so much more efficient and "intelligent".
- Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)
If you are going the 20" way that is a must-have, and have to say the system makes the car so comfortable and composed that it is a must-have for me whatever the wheel-size or the car model…
- Sport Exhaust system
First option I got ticked, am glad I did. Pure fun!
- Tire Pressure monitoring system (TPM)
Very practical though not mandatory for living with the car.
- Seat heating
Common option for a convertible. Makes the experience more enjoyable on chilly mornings or nights.
- Seat ventilation
I was skeptical when I ordered and it ended up being one of my favorite gadget in the car. I use it almost all the time! It is so good feeling that your back is not sweaty anymore on the leather…
- 2-zone automatic A/C
Could be dropped… It is nice being able to set-up the exact temperature and having two zones, but in the end ow always leave it one one setup…
- Cruise control
Should not be an option. Shame on you Porsche!
- HomeLink®
Get it if ow are sure this is compatible with your garage door. It was not with mine…. Useless.
- Light design package
Cheap option that goes a long way enhancing the looks of the car at night. Also includes the lights for the courtesy mirror in the sun visors... Lady approved! eh he
- BOSE® Surround Sound System
Not bad, not so good either… Better test it at your dealer going back and forth from the Audio Plus system to the Bose in order to feel the difference if any… I was not able to do it at the time. Burmeister might be the road to go but too expensive!
- Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
Definitely a good system, the navigation is pretty good though I preferred the one on the Audi. The maps updates are also really expensive for what it it… The rest of the infotainment system is also pretty good with plenty of sources possibilities and fine-tuning of the overall system. One thing that bothers me: am unable to have both my iPod plugged in the gloves box and my phone as a Bluetooth external audio source…
- Sport Chrono Package
They should differentiate the sport+ mode and the actual chrono on the dashboard for people liking only one or the other (for instance I hate the chrono on the 991), but the Sport+ mode is definitely a must-have for a car like that, really changes the car from a sporty car into a monster! :)
- Telephone module for PCM
We are in 2015, should also not be an option.. Shame again Porsche!
- Online Services
Looked nice on paper… Never got to use it… Useless for me.

There are also options that did not exist at the time I placed my order and that I would have considered adding to my build:
- Speed limit display
- PDLS+ with dynamic high beam
- Reversing camera
- Sun visors in leather or Alcantara

Wow, took so much longer than I expected typing all that… I will detail my experience of actually driving and using the car as a DD in a second post… :) Maybe with some recent pictures also... eh eh

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There's only a few things here want to comment on. Overall, your car is amazing!!

The two-zone climate control is a must have, and even you might think differently if you didn't have it. You mention that you leave it in the same setting all the time. I expect it's in the automatic mode, and just does whatever it wants to keep the temperature the way you want it. The fact that there are two zones is irrelevant. If you hadn't ordered that option, you wouldn't get the auto climate control and would always have to fiddle with the switches to try to get the temperature to how you want it. This is the worst-named option on the list as people think they could care less about having two zones (and they're right) but don't realize that the auto control function is part of this.

Next comment is about the leather backrests. I agree that the price is ridiculous... but I wouldn't do without if I had to order again. The fact is... I don't really notice them much. That was the whole point. If I had the silver backrests, I DEFINITELY would notice every time I walk up to the car with the roof down. They're serving their purpose for me perfectly. :) Granted, if you'd prefer having the backs redone in carbon fibre or something, then I understand.

Finally... about the seat height. I also have mine set fairly low, but I've never found myself wishing they were lower. As a matter of fact, I've been debating whether to try raising them up a fair bit and then looking for a comfortable seating position at the higher height just to improve my rear visibility when doing shoulder checks.
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Great write up, thanks for taking the time. I look forward to reading your daily driving post next.
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