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2 year ownership update and thoughts.

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Some of you may have read one of my first posts on Planet 9. It was the detailed ordeal of the delivery and first day ownership of my 2008 Cayman S Sport. Here is the thread titled "very unfortunate new owner experience".

Anyway, after the warrantied engine rebuild, I have put on approx 10k trouble free and extremely enjoyable miles. My wife and I have taken the Cayman on numerous long trips (10hrs +) and even take it grocery shopping on a regular basis. Its quite the practical sports car.

Other than 3 oil changes (one was done at 500 miles after engine rebuild, the others every 5k, ) the Cayman has been 100% reliable. No smoke at start up, no soot on tail pipe, ZERO oil consumption etc. I have performed only a single modification and that was to replace the vague and loose feeling shifter with a Numeric Short Shift. What a difference! Shifts nice and tight with precision. Easy install...once the console is removed.

To this day, there is no other car I'd replace it with. I enjoy everytime I fire it up and listen to the PSE burble. Heck...I even enjoy just looking at it in the garage. Constantly get thumbs up and "nice car"...which never gets old.

I'm looking forward to many more enjoyable miles and memories this year...and many years to come.

Hopefully my pictures show as I've never posted pictures before. The person in the car is my father in law, who too enjoys rides in the Cayman and my son standing next to the Cayman at a local PCA event...which he thinks will be handed down to him! Wishful thinking...


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That is quite a story and glad that it worked out for you. Thanks for the comments and thoughts. You have a beautiful the white and black!!
wow has it been 2 years already? I've had mine about 2 1/2 years now.

great that you're enjoying the car and the whole family seems involved and bonding over the experience!
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