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I never own a Porsche before but I'm interested in getting one. There is one low mileage(20,000 miles) 2002 Boxster S available locally and looks nice.

What is the usual price for this Boxster S normally ?
What should I looking for or awareing in a 2nd hand Boxster S ?
What about its long term reliability ?
Is it expensive to repair a Boxster S ?


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See if you can find a November issue of Excellence magazine. They do a market update on mid-engine Porsches.

Excellence says that a 2002 "S" is worth $13,304 in So So Condition, $16,750 in Good Condition and $22,725 in Excellent Condition.

They say to look for rear main seal leaks.

It's expensive to repair any Porsche. If you can find an independent service shop you can probably save some money.

I owned a Boxster "S". It was a heck of a lot of fun. I never had any problems with mine but it was low mileage.

Good Luck.

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Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) mandatory.

Be sure that you get the maintenance records and that annual or 5-6k oil changes performed with high quality full synthetic oil. And all scheduled maintenance. No records - no buy!

PIWIS at dealer or some shops can tell you how many times it has bumped the rev limiter.

Check to see if it has the original engine. Probably a plus if factory replaced.

Look at a lot of cars even if this one gets away. 03 and later have glass rear window. Make a list of options like heated seats, Bose, Litronics, cruise control etc that you have to have or do not want.

Google Mike Focke. His site has good info.
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