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Thank you for your interest in my "Improved" 2006-2008 Cayman LED Spars with Radiator Guards. Here are two links that you may be interested in giving a quick look:

1) Porsche Club of America video with me demonstrating an installation (please ignore the pricing):

2) A step-by-step installation, complete with 40+ pictures and a narrative, performed by my first customer:

By the way, on March 10, 2018, I began shipping my LED spars/guards with the third product improvement. They utilize the exact same molded component, and although indiscernible from the products' exterior, I’ve designed a way to greatly reduce the possibility of cold solder joints or solder-breaks developing throughout my products' lifetime. These breaks can be caused by a deficiency in the soldering process, excessive pressure via the heel of the hand against the LEDs' hardened epoxy lenses during installation, rock strikes or light bumps from other cars during parallel parking.

In lieu my original design utilizing a 15 LED one-piece Printed Circuit Board (PCB), I’ve redesigned the LED array to consist of 15 separate daisy-chained PCBs, each PCB with an independent LED/resistor combination. Each PCB is then installed in shock absorbing potting material, isolated from the neighboring PCB, greatly improving the LEDs' ability to absorb impacts.

The previous benefits from my June 8, 2015, second product improvement continue:

1) A whiter (less blue) color temperature closely matches Porsche bi-xenon headlamp color. If you have the warmer colored halogen headlamps, you can replace their bulbs to better match the LED color if preferred, see: . The wattage is equal to the OE bulbs so operating temperature and wiring amp-draw will not be an issue. Amazon is usually very liberal with their return policy. You might inquire before ordering to learn if returning is an option in the event you don't like the color. Others have purchased these and reported that they are a good match.

2) increased lumen output (brighter)

3) LEDs manufactured with Epistar chips, the highest quality maker, with gold thread encapsulation (world's most reliable)

4) LEDs mounted "through hole" on circuit board (more reliable than the previous product's surface mounted LEDs)

With just a little extra effort, you can wire them as Daytime Running Lights (always on when your key is turned "on”). For reference, here is a link to an article that shows sourcing the "key-on" 12v + (positive) and the 12v - (negative or ground) from the heated windshield squirter nozzle, as well as the routing of the wire to the passenger's front corner and then over to the driver's side front corner: see (only use “diagram #1”).

And here are a few DRL installation tips:

1) Use the four 3M Scotchlok #905 (INCLUDED), for 22 to 14 gauge wire-connectors to tap the positive and negative leads at the passenger’s windshield washer squirter heater. Don’t cut or strip the original heater wire, just separate (un-siamese) two inches of it, then squeeze on two Scotchlok connectors over the BLACK wire with the ORANGE stripe for the positive, and two Scotchlok connectors over the BLACK wire with the BROWN stripe for the negative. These are Self-Stripping Electrical Connectors capable of connecting two solid or stranded copper wires, in the range of No. 22 thru No. 18 AWG (inside channel, for the speaker wire) and No. 18 thru No. 14 AWG (outside channel, for the washer heater wire). You will need to reverse the Scotchloks’ “U-contactor” 180 degrees.

2) Each LED spar/guard only draws 1/10 amp, so utilizing any 18 ga. speaker wire is perfect for this application.

3) After desoldering the BAX9S lamp-base from the LED spar/guard’s pigtail, the center conductor is “hot”.

4) The side conductor in the pigtail is “ground”.

5) Please be sure to make the connections in #3 and #4 (above) are watertight with heat-shrink tubing and/or electricians tape. Ideally, use both.

I'm currently holding over my "year-end promotion" of US$249, delivered anywhere in the world! You'll receive my quickest service if you place your order directly with me through PayPal, to my account [email protected] using “friends and family." Please remember to include your full name and postal mailing address, along with your phone number and email address.

I now offer a trade-in program for any of my previous customers. The price is US$249 minus US$99 trade-in for a delivered anywhere cost of US$150. You will be able to continue driving your Cayman with your original LED spars/guards until you receive and install your “improved" LED spars/guards. After you’ve installed the “improved” LED spars/guards, simply send me an image of your original LED spars/guards each folded in half or cut into two pieces. For international orders, the customs document reflects the value of US$1.00 which may help you with duty or VAT if applicable.

Lastly, to keep your LED spars exceptionally detailed, please remember:

The original naked polypropylene T-20 finish is color impregnated and can be easily restored to a like-new finish. Simply rub the spars surface with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad, white #98 (nothing more abrasive than white #98) and Aerospace 303 protectant. Aerospace 303 protectant is also the best thing for your door seals, interior, tire sidewalls, and etc!

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Thanks again!

Joseph S. DeSimone
Central Optional Products
511 14th Street
Arnold, PA 15068
Ph: 724-339-7555
[email protected]
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Hi Joseph. I've contacted you before about when you anticipate having some of your LED spar/guards available for the 981 series. Are you still developing these or should I give up hope?
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