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I bought my Cayman a few months ago. It came with the CDR24 and Bose system. It worked, but sounded dead and lacked hands free for the phone. Because of the Bose system I had 3 options - Use a $300 Connect2 adapter (only powers the front speakers, hard to get), Replace the amp, or go with the $650 NAV TV Kit 210. I did the math - replacing the amp correctly with even a basic 4 channel main to run the front and 2 channel kicker for the rear, mating connectors, cables and paying myself $10 an hour cleared the $650 for the NAV in a hurry. I swallowed hard and ordered the Kit 210 997 HUR kit directly from NAV TV. 3 days later it was waiting on my front porch.

The head unit I went with was a Kenwood DDX6903S from the scratch and dent bin at Crutchfield - the wiring harness had been trimmed back to about 12". That was it. Something I would have done anyway, and the head unit was reduced over $275. I also told them that I had the non-bose car - this triggered their system to send the dash kit, antenna adapter, and wiring harness adapter.

Tricks from my install - There's several videos on how to get the old radio out. After flatlining all modes for bass, treble, fade and balance it took all of about 15 minutes. I ran the GPS antenna through the firewall. There's a large grommet behind the battery. Remove the battery hold down clamp, take off the negative and slide the battery over a few inches - You will get a PSM error when you power the car back up. This goes away after driving a little. Using a long flat blade screwdriver I pushed the outer lip of the grommet down, put another one in behind it and removed the grommet from the car so I could work on it at the bench and cut a small X in it to feed the connector and cable through. The carpet already has a slit in it - I used an 18" zip tie as my fish tool, it pops out in the drivers foot well above the gas pedal.

Putting the grommet back in - wrap a piece of string (I used marking cord - about 1/16" in dia) all the way around the groove on the grommet and cross the ends, cut it long enough to leave enough to use as a grip. The grommet was installed with the larger lip on the inside of the car. Standing in the frunk, push both lips of the grommet through the firewall with the ends of the string at 12 O'clock. The carpet holds the grommet against the metal, carefully pull the cord - As it comes free it rolls the lip of the grommet into position.

I mounted the NAV box with adhesive backed velcro on the flat shelf behind the climate control unit. Fiber input on the passenger side, wiring harness on the drivers. The fiber extension wasn't needed. I can get the the micro USB port if I need by removing the sub and trim panel, and I'm not flexing or stressing the fiber if I take the radio out. The Metra adapter crutchfield sent has an error for this car - the constant power wire is the red one, not yellow as the package says. Refer to the pin out for the radio, verify with your multimeter or test light... You need 3 wires from this harness - Ground, battery, and antenna. I de-pinned the rest of the connector (I hate loose wires behind the dash...). I also trimmed back all of the unused leads for the NAV and Kenwood harnesses, gathered them up and put a piece of shrink sleeve around them.

Switched power needs to come from the fuse box - I grabbed a fuse tap, took out the three screws in the fuse box and routed the lead. Fuse B-9 works and is already a fairly low AMP fuse (7.5), so adding a 3 AMP fuse for the radio is plenty safe. NOTE - The NAV unit will power when you insert the key, but... If the key isn't turned to the run position it will turn itself off after about 10 seconds.

Overall - replacing the head unit woke the system right up. It sounds a lot better - knowing that the Cayman is a loud car to begin with and I wasn't looking to build a sound stage... Hope this helps!
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