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Can someone tell me the function of these 2 parts highlighted in the attached photo.

The plug at the back (red arrow), when removed has a shank with threads but also looks like it has graduations cut in it to act as a mini dipstick, but I don't think the oil level should be that high. The reason I'm asking is that I removed the plug thinking it was the fill port; later found the fill port on the side. I've reinstalled it, but want to ensure removing it didn't mess anything up and just curious what it's purpose is. I have reinstalled it but unsure of the torque spec, anyone know the value?

EDIT: You can ignore the rest of this post as i found a thread on the flywheel purpose, but please comment on the plug. Thanks

The flywheel (yellow arrow) and connecting rod don't really seem to do anything as far as I can tell. So obviously I'm missing something because this must have a purpose. Is it connected to something inside the transmission or just to the gear selector linkage? I removed the connecting rod from the flywheel to the gear selector linkage when removing my slave cylinder and allowed the wheel to spin freely; it didn't seem to be connected to anything inside the case. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something and that it needs to be connected in a certain way.

Thanks for any help.

Transmission Arrows.jpg
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