Mileage:55000 M
Up for sale is my 2008 Porsche Boxster S (987S).
55k miles and slowly going up.
Manual transmission
Sport Chrono
Carrara White exterior
Cocoa Brown soft top
Cocoa Brown leather dash and door cards
Bixenon (HID) lights
Automatic Climate Control
Cruise Control
Bose High End Sound
Self Dimming Mirrors
and many other factory options which I am probably forgetting.

Up for sale is my 2008 Porsche Boxster S (987S).
55k miles and slowly going up.
Manual transmission
Sport Chrono
Carrara White exterior
Cocoa Brown soft top
Cocoa Brown leather dash and door cards
Bixenon (HID) lights
Automatic Climate Control
Cruise Control
Bose High End Sound
Self Dimming Mirrors
and many other factory options which I am probably forgetting.

This is a modified driver's car, not a concourse car.
Meticulously maintained and modified for my personal driving preference.

  • Victor Equipment Turismo wheels.
  • 19x8 ET+45 in the front with 10mm spacers.
  • 19x9.5 ET+49 in the rear with 30mm spacers.
  • Federal RS-RR tires, great for autocross, probably about 2k miles of tread life remaining.
  • Jtec LED tail lights
  • Depo LED running lights / fog lights
  • Mesh front grilles
  • Custom plastic canards, hydrodipped to look like carbon fiber (kind of faded now)
  • TC Sportline 987.2 front lip
  • Black headlight internals
  • Custom rear bumper vents and bumperette delete
  • VTX rear spoiler, painted 981 Carrara white, which is a slightly cooler white color than 987 Carrara white.
  • Rally Armor mudflaps, not the prettiest but they save the white paint from rubber and tar.
  • Sparco Sprint driver seat, comfortable for anyone with a 34" waist or smaller.
  • Sparco Sprint L passenger seat, perfect for the bigger boys and girls.
  • G Force 5 point harnesses, expired for door to door racing but still safe for track days and autocross.
  • Harness bar welded to the factory roll bar, wrapped in white pleather.
  • WeatherTech floor liners
  • The useless Sport Chrono stop watch has been replaced with a useful Prosport Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Top Speed catback exhaust with dual 4" tips crudely welded on.
  • GodSpeed MAXX coilvers and adjustable rear toe arms
  • Custom rear subframe stabilizer bar
  • Tarett Underdrive Pulley
  • GT3 smile grille
  • Tunnel console was spray painted white, but could use a refresh.

UPDATE since the last pictures:
  • Momo steering wheel replaced with a black leather 997 steering wheel w/ airbag.
  • Carbon fiber shift knob and short shifter replaced with a factory black leather shift knob and shifter assembly.
  • Black WeatherTech floor liners replaced with grey WeatherTech floor liners.
  • Spyder style door pulls replaced with original silver door handles.
  • FM bluetooth transmitter removed.
  • Digital volt meter removed.
  • 350mm front GT3 brakes replaced with factory rotors with about 20k miles on them.
  • Recent oil change at 54,913 miles.

This car is my toy and driven, not detailed. I've autocrossed it, I've tracked it, I've driven it the way it was meant to be driven, but I have also been on schedule with all maintenance.

Because there are aftermarket seats and no factory seat belts, all SRS items have been disabled using a Durametric Pro.

One of the TPMS sensors has recently died, so I also disabled TPMS using the Durametric Pro. Replace the sensors, re-enable TPMS, and you'll be good to go.

The front left pillow ball strut mount is showing early signs of going bad (seizing when cold and causing spring binding with stationary turning). I have a pair of replacement pillow ball strut mounts ready to be installed and I will include these with the car if I haven't installed them prior to the sale.

The Hawk HP+ brake pads are autocross pads and noisy when cold. I swapped out the front HP+ pads with street pads for street driving, but left the HP+ on the rear. Less than 1k miles on the front HP+ pads, which I will include with the car.

The black livery has been completed with Avery Supreme vinyl and can easily be removed. The rear trunk lid is NOT original to this car, it is a black trunk lid which I bought for mounting the spoiler. Unfortunately, the corner of this trunk lid was damaged in shipping. I've wrapped over this and it is barely noticeable.

The driver's factory seat mounting points have stripped threads. The seat is currently bolted to the floor to sit as low as possible. It's an ideal position for anyone between 5'6" - 5'8" and many of my taller friends have still comfortably driven the car. Factory seat rails could be reinstalled by rethreading the mounting points. I will do this if I revert the car to stock.

The pleather wrapped roll bar is fine from 10' away, but the stitching is inconsistent upon closer inspection.

There is a piece of textured tape over the rear speaker cover. I had previously had a camera mount bolted here.

Early into ownership, we had begun mocking up a roll cage and cut holes in the footwell carpeting for the bar to pass through. These holes are completely covered by the WeatherTech mats.

There were large holes from a front license plate mounted on this car when I bought it. I replaced the plate with Hella rally style driving lights, but recently took those off in exchange for the European front plate.

At less than 5mph, I accidentally backed this car into one of my other cars, causing cosmetic damage to the rear bumper cover. The damaged spots were cut out, hence the custom mesh vents. These vents have proven quite functional for venting heat and preventing air from getting trapped in the rear bumper.

There are a few dents and scratches, but the car still shows extremely well.

Recent oil change at 54,913 miles.
The oil has been inspected after every oil change and always comes back clean.

This is technically a two owner car. The original owner lived in Ontario and strictly used this car for summers only. My dad was the 2nd owner and while I am technically the 3rd owner, the car has been under my care since my dad took ownership. Always garage kept and never seen salted roads.

While the car is not cosmetically perfect under the surface (because of my modifications), it still shows extremely well. It is mechanically sound and has been modified for the benefit of me as the driver. I love this car, it is one of the best cars that I have ever owned, and I'm a bit hesitant to list it for sale. But with a young daughter and loving wife, I bought a 911 for the family sportscar experience. If this 987S does not sell, then I will gladly keep it forever, but if it does sell, then I will excitedly move on to my next P car.

I understand that some of my modifications are considered "irreversible."
I understand that modified cars sell for less than stock cars.
I have no interest in hearing your opinion about the price unless you are an interested buyer. Reasonable offers will be considered.

The private party KBB value for this car in only "good condition" is $25k.
Currently, there are only 6 manual 987.1S for sale within a 500 mile radius. Those with comparable mileage and maintenance records are listed in the upper $30s - low $40s.
In a world transitioning to electric and automatic, these raw 987s are some of the last mechanical sportscars that you can buy. The 987 generation is also the last to have hydraulic power steering, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Don't take my word for it, watch Everyday Driver's comparison of the 987 vs 981 vs 718.

With all that being said, I have reduced my original $30k asking price to $29k for the car as-is. Over time, I may revert/restore this car back stock and then increase the asking price. But this is a great opportunity to own a perfect driver's car.

Located in Dahlonega, GA. I am willing to meet locally for anyone seriously interested in purchasing it. No joy rides and I will be accompanying anyone who wishes to test drive it.

Below are my maintenance logs and pictures. I'm happy to answer any questions or provide any additional pictures upon request.

8/31/2018 - 35,127 miles - I purchased the vehicle.
9/19/2018 - 35,449 miles - Seats, harnesses, and steering wheel installed.
9/24/2018 - 35,482 miles - Convertible top arm ends replaced.
10/6/2018 - 35,659 miles - Godspeed coilovers installed.
10/16/2018 - 35,675 miles - Godspeed adjustable rear toe arms installed.
12/1/2018 - 37,559 miles - Federal 595 RS-RR front tires replaced.
12/21/2018 - 37,587 miles - Front left inner and outer tie rod replaced.
12/22/2018 - 37,611 miles - Custom alignment
3/5/2019 - 39,233 miles - Oil change, Liquimoly 5W40 and K&N filter, Porsche coolant drain and fill.
4/20/2019 - 40,235 miles - Motul RBF660 brake fluid flush.
5/15/2019 - 41,001 miles - Federal 585 RS-RR rear tires replaced.
10/19/2019 - 44,951 miles - Oil change, Liquimoly 5W40 and K&N filter.
2/21/2020 - 46,073 miles - Tarett underdrive pulley and new serpentine belt.
3/8/2020 - 46,073 miles - Ride height adjustment and alignment
6/20/2020 - 46,853 miles - Federal 595 RS-RR front tires replaced.
9/6/2020 - 47,953 miles - Catback exhaust installed
5/13/2021 - 50,070 miles - Oil change, Liquimoly 5W40 and K&N filter.
6/26/2021 - 50,448 miles - Federal 585 RS-RR rear tires replaced.
8/20/2021 - 50,833 miles - Power steering flushed.
12/2/2021 - 51,535 miles - Hawk HP+ rear brake pads and Sebro rotors.
4/2/2022 - 52,442 miles - Hawk HP+ front brake pads, 350mm Sebro GT3 rear rotors fitted to front calipers with spacers.
9/8/2022 - 53,352 miles - Front brake pads replaced with street pads.
10/7/2022 - 53,526 miles - Battery replaced
3/5/2023 - 54,913 miles - Oil change, front brake rotors replaced with factory front rotors with 20k miles on them.

PM if interested. Updated pictures can be texted upon request.