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So, I'm buying a 2008 Boxster S which was advertised as having PCM 3.0 NAV system.

After reading these forums and posting info, 100% of forum members agree that PCM 3.0 was touchscreen and not available until 2009 model vehicles.

Armed with this info, I had a relative go check out the vehicle (I'm still deployed until Sept.) who looked at the radio, specifically asked about bluetooth capability and read over the invoice which stated PCM 3.0 NAV system. The dealer swore up and down that it was PCM 3.0 (non-touchscreen???) and had bluetooth capability to sync the phone.

I'm confused at this point. Was there a PCM 3.0 non-touchscreen version that looks like PCM 2.1 but had bluetooth capability available on 2008? This is not a show stopper for the deal, I'm moreso looking for clarity.

I'm very much leaning towards an AVIC-Z110BT (with XM radio add-on) and amp on the Bose system if this NAV system doesn't actually have bluetooth capability.
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