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2009 will forever be remembered as an extremely turbulent year—filled with global automotive industry challenges. Global Light Vehicle sales for 2009 were approximately 61.9 million, down 5.1% from 2008. However, from a purely statistical point of view, the Global Automotive market demand seemed to be far more robust than expected at the beginning of 2009. November '09 sales were up 25% from the year before, and December '09 sales were up by about 22%! All together, fourth quarter sales were up about 17% over the final quarter of 2008, when sales bore the full brunt of the financial crisis.

Looking back we have to realize that demand was inflated by numerous government programs enacted to stimulate the automotive markets and as a result impact sales trends. On the other hand, it is astonishing how different the results were in most of the developed saturated automotive markets (e.g. the U.S.) compared to the upcoming "emerging markets" (e.g. China) which are still characterized by a very low density of vehicles on the road.

Stimulated by energetic government intervention, the global economy has stabilized in recent months so the basic economic outlook for 2010 is clearly better compared to the economic framework in 2009. Will the Global Automotive market follow this positive industry trend?

The latest Polk global light vehicle forecast report is available free for your download. This automotive forecast analyzes 2009 sales, Polk's economic outlook and light vehicle forecast for the year ahead. Take a look and let us know your expectations for 2010.

Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast

Posted by Uwe Biastoch, Director Global Forecasting, Polk (01.20.2010)

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