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Gas fill-up in the earlier leg of the trip cost about $7 a gallon! Also, you pump first and then pay. I went inside to hand over my card so I can pump but I was told to pump first. What a concept!

Still breaking-in the car but encountered a situation where I had to just let the car go. Autobahn merge lanes we encountered were short, abruptly merge with the slow lane, and terminate with some planters at the end. During one merge situation, I found myself next to a big semi truck with the merge lane coming to an end very quickly. I heard the semi's engine rev-up thinking that the driver was trying to speed up to give me some space to merge behind the truck. Regardless of intent, I did not want to leave the situation to chance so I stepped on it. I felt the sudden burst of speed as the pdk downshifted several gears. As this was happening and seeing the tach near redline, I thought of the break-in period but safety must come first. It wasn't long before a gap opened up and I merged ahead of the semi. It was a little close but we merged safely. Power delivery was phenomenal.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a well preserved medieval city in Germany. It's a walled city and offers an exciting glimpse into 14th century
Germany. We could not park in the city itself because of an ongoing festival so we parked just outside the city walls and had to walk with
our luggage into town.

Imagine it without the cobblestone streets

local birds

Upon entering through one of the pedestrian entrances, you'll get the feeling that you just entered the twilight zone. It felt like we were
transported back in time. The residents were in costumes preparing for the big celebration later on that night.

Bavarian festival - groups representing different Bavarian regions

View of the city walls

The daytrippers are mostly gone... we have the city to ourselves.

Walked around town, watched the festival, explored the back streets, and later joined the Nightwatchman tour for an entertaining take on the city's history.

The next stop is back to Stuttgart where we'll return the car back to the factory :(

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