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We headed back to Stuttgart to return the car to the factory. We've logged about 900 miles in 7 days in Germany. From the scenic back roads to the autobahn (the best highway ever!), the car did not disappoint. It was the ultimate road trip.

Leisurely cruise back to Stuttgart following the flow traffic. Any slower and you'll have a Smart car on your tail

We first checked-in the hotel when we arrived in Stuttgart so we can unload all our luggage before finding the the coin-op hand carwash Gator Bite recommended. I brought a microfiber sponge, drying cloth, and some carwash liquid. I was able to borrow a little pail from the hotel but there was some sort of miscommunication because the receptionist politely mentioned that I can't wash the car outside the hotel. LOL! I found the carwash near the factory just as GB mentioned in his blog.

Pick rinse, then shampoo, and select no-spot rinse... nothing to it. :)

After arriving at the factory, I took some pictures of the car before handing over the keys. We met with our rep and wrapped-up the paperwork. 6-8 weeks before you take delivery in the states he says. This will probably be the longest 6-8 weeks.

See ya soon!

Since we did not have time to visit the museum when we picked up the car, the factory made arrangements for us to visit it after the drop off.

Porsche Museum

Nice color

Can't get away...

Porsches past and present

Factory ad

Next, we are off to our last pit stop, Amsterdam!


We arrived in Amsterdam Weds afternoon. Airport is 20 mins away from city center. After checking in the hotel, we walked around town and got our bearings. We visited our first museum, Anne Frank House. A must see but in case you haven't read the book, you should read first, the visit will be more meaningful. Our hotel is around the corner from the Anne Frank House and is situated in one of the quieter pockets of Amsterdam, surrounded by canals and trendy restaurants and shopping areas. If this is your cuppa tea, you are in a good place. However....if you want to see the "other side" of Amsterdam, venture out about 5 mins out of this area and you are right smack in the middle of Dam Square, where the tourists and locals commingle and "coffeeshops" line the streets. Then make a right anywhere in Dam Square and you'll be in the Red Light District. You have to walk by even for just a couple blocks just to take in the scene. Leave your camera in your hotel, pictures are no-no in this part of the world.

The next day we visited the Van Gogh museum and Heineken Experience. Heineken Experience was fun and warrants a visit if you have time. It was drizzly and cold and perfect time to be indoors. We had a really good dinner at a cozy cafe serving Dutch and French fusion food. Perfect ending.

So.....15 days, 13 nights, 4 countries, many cities and little towns, 9 hotels, 900 driving know what they say, all good things must come to an end. But this is really not the end. Let's just say it is a "to be continued" 6-8 weeks.

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