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Milltek Catback installed on my 2008 CS. I think I must have run into every problem imaginable particularly the header bolts, it took me 3 days in my garage!:eek: It pulls better from 3000rpm and has a noticable extra punch to the redline. Deeper at idle and nice noise on WOT. It has a little bit a deeper rumble between 2-3k rpm but this might just be an issue of adjusting it. It hang quite low, 2 inches below the bumper but again this might be sorted with some more adjustment.

2nd I installed the DICE FM-RDS hardwire modulation kit which was simple:). I followed K-Man's instructions for removing the PCM. I then crimped the 12v, on/off and ground into the main harness and fitted a FAKRA adapter for the aerial. The little box sits at the back of the centre console (out of sight) and the IPOD cable runs through the console to the rear compartment. The cable is long enough to reach the passenger seat. Sounds great and displays the name of the song you are listening too. I decided on the DICE because I don't need all the fuctions of the Gateway 500.

Thank you to everyone on here for all the help and advice you didn't realise you gave me during this install! I don't think I could have done any of it without:thanks:
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