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Hello all. I'm a long time lurker here. Back in '08, almost bought a CPO Cayman, but walked out in an effort to secure the price I thought was possible. Shortly thereafter, I dismissed the Cayman as "too impractical" and bought the BMW 128i that I had been looking at. Great car, but as they say, there is no substitute. The Porsche guy called me back 2 weeks later saying he could meet my price.

Now it's time to do it right. The BMW is long gone. The SUV is paid off. It's time for a Porsche. I was looking at a Cayman but found that I really liked the open air feeling of the Boxster. Given the fact that I just got a speeding ticket in a VW Tiguan (there is NO WAY I was doing 89 MPH) I am pretty sure that I don't need an S. I was going to wait until late November/December for the end of year slow sales season and to also increase my down payment but my local store had one that caught my eye, so I made an offer.

Asking $52881
2013 Porsche Boxster Agate Grey Metallic/Black standard interior, reported one owner lease return.
14,992 Miles
250 - Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
423 - 20-inch Carrera S wheel
658 - Power Steering Plus
844 - Multi-function Steering Wheel
AG - Partial leather / sports seats in Black
N0 - Agate Grey Metallic
P91 - Infotainment Package with BOSE® Surround Sound System
P93 - Convenience Package
Ony thing missing from my list of wants is PDLS with Xenon

I offered $44,900 before Tax, Lic. doc. etc.

My rationale was based on KBB trade in, and also CPO suggested prices as well as what I have seen the national lease special residuals at.

My SA countered my offer, saying he could "make it work" at $48,682.75 before Tax, lic., doc etc. He explained that they do not buy lease returns from PCNA at residual but at a markup. I could take it but I have decided to hold out as previously detailed. I am sure there will be a similar amount of inventory later in the year and I am willing to travel or have one shipped from another state.

Anyone have any thoughts? How does that counter offer look to the experts out there? There are a couple of non Porsche dealers (BMW store) that have similar cars with good CARFAX reports that are starting around $48k. I suppose I could probably negotiate some off of that and then get the local Porsche store to CPO? Thanks for any input.


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Hi Raf. I think you will be really happy with a base boxster. Same mid-engined balance as the cayman but the open type option. I was in the same place back in June. I found a 2013 base CPO at one of the local dealers. Car came with infotainment with Bose, pdls, per steering plus, premium package w/ 14 way memory seats, front & rear parking sensors, auto dimming, pwr fold mirrors. They had listed the car for $52k, reduced to $48.9. I ended up paying just over $45k before taxes, etc. I think your offer is in the right ball park. Unless they feel they have other interested parties you should be able to talk them down with some patience.

Good Luck,

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