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2015 981 Cayman

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Hi, All,
I have a curious question for all and anyone.
Has anyone tried to change the oil using an electric liquid transfer pump !
I would suspect it will remove about 95+% of the oil !
As a review, the pump pickup would be installed into the fill port, assuming it would go to the bottom of the fill tube.
But, that’s what I’m asking .
Thanks !
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I heard that the through the filler you can’t get to the oil as there are right turns. It’s not hard to change the oil on these cars
It's also basically a dry sump engine (with the dry sump cast into the engine block) - meaning there are baffle plates above the actual oil that are meant to keep oil vapors near the oil and prevent splashing around in the crankcase (sorta important on a horizontally opposed engine, since you don't want a big glug of oil to slosh up into a cylinder..) The dry sump precludes any chance of getting a vacuum drain tube down to the oil. If there was a dipstick - it would be a different story, but no dipstick - so it basically can't be done in a satisfactory manner.

BTW - welcome to Planet-9, when you have a chance please visit New Member Introductions and introduce yourself and your Cayman. Lots of photos are a good thing, we like to look at photos of hot cars. Nice to hear from you (joined in 2019?).. and welcome again to Planet-9, the Friendly Porsche Forum.
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