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Hey all its that time of the year where we want you all to stock up for the season on Microfibers!

We have lowered our online prices up to 30% off plus add a discount code and save more!

The sale will start now and it will end on June 28, 2010.

We will begin to ship these orders on June 28, 2010.

Take a look at what we have

Uber All Purpose Towels

Uber "BLACK" Microfiber Towels

Uber "NO NAME" Microfiber Towels - this is the last batch and we will no longer have them.

Uber "Jumbo Waffle Weave Drying MF Towel"

Uber Glass MF Towel

Uber "Classic" MF Towel

Micro-Restorer Microfiber Detergent

Click here to start saving!
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