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Hey guys,

We have recently become a dealer for VIP Modular wheels and have some special pricing to offer for some wheels in 987 fitment. Here are the wheels that I have available for special pricing:

19" VR02
19" VR05
20" VR03

Some of these wheels are already customized with SPF or powdercoating, so let me know which ones you are interested in and we can talk finishes!

Here are some pictures of the VR03s on a Cayman S:

Here is some info on VIP Modular:

We started business about 3.5 years ago amidst all the 3 pc wheel market saturation. We are proud to offer our products which are developed, manufactured and produced in the USA using ultra premium, aerospace grade 60/61 aluminum heat treated to T6 standards. Our rim halves have US patents on their design features and strength characterisics. Please also keep in mind we have all of our designs in all diameters and widths exceeding DOT/ SAE testing standards. We offer two lines of wheels: The "VR" series is a reverse contour (straight lip) series offering 12 designs utilizing maximum spoke elongation to the rim outer edges. All VR series wheels utilize stainless steel 10.9 A grade fasteners. We offer in this series in widths up to 15". The "VRS" series is a standard contour (soft step lip) series wheel engineering for increased strength and less rotational inertia then the VR series. We accomplish this by utilizing lightened pockets, cupped spokes where applicable on the rim center discs. Our rim halves are specifically manufactured for us and incorporate patented wheel technology. These rim halves aso have increased strength properties and weight reduction in key areas of the rim shells. We offer optional titanium fasteners for our VRS series. On average you can expect a 20% weight reduction over our VR series designs

-LIFETIME Structural warranty on rim center discs and rim halves
-3 year chrome plating warranty
-2 year center disc finish warranty
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