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Hey Guys - I'm from Toronto but Live in Dubai - I have a manual 718 Cayman S in Dubai (My first rear wheel car). Now Porsche connect doesn't fully work here and i'm not an iphone guy (perpetual fear of having all my music forcefully converted). I have a Samsung S8 and would love to use google maps on the car's PCM screen - is there any way to mirrorlink my Samsung? like the CarPlay even if it means connecting via USB and stuffing my phone in the glovebox.

I've seen it on YouTube Videos from users in China - not sure if they hacked the PCM, but they had full Android mirrored on the 718's screen.

The PCM Nav is great but we all know that nothing can really compete with Google maps...also I use Deezer for Music and while it does sync, I can't access the full Deezer functionality on Deezer - I can only pause or skip -

Mirroring would be awesome...
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