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I just wanted to let anyone know who might be thinking of spending some tax refunds that we are currently offering a FREE ITALY made bolt kit (TUV) approved valued at $150. This is the very first time we have offered this promotion and it is a limited time only so make your purchase before it is gone! The promotion is currently limited to 19x8.5 and 19x11 sets (sorry, no exceptions for 10" rears).

Many people have asked what is the difference between your wheels and the AG wheels, we have responded many times but the KEY and main point is a safety issue, our wheels were made and designed for Porsche cars in mind, and they were drilled for a lug bolt designed for the Porsche car. Our wheels accept the R-14 (radius 14) which is the same as your factory wheels. This is important given that the PORSCHE is designed to be unparallelled to most other passenger cars on the highway so we felt compelled to build something that would mirror the Porsche designed lug patterns including the hardware kits.

Many Porsche owners have told us that they can find our competitor's wheels on various sites advertised with FREE shipping or other incentives to promote our competition's line. Because we are not pushing volume our margins are tighter and we are still making less since we do have the same mold fees associated with manufacturing. In the grand scheme of things you'll have a better and well built set of wheels for an average of $25/wheel, which is certainly money well spent!

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Wheel Dynamics Team,


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