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Hello, today I brought to car electrician my 2005 997 Carrera S Cabrio for a SAT "black box" failure. It's like an antitheft installed by insurance company.
They changed it and worked on the cables on the bottom left of the car (near the fuse box).
The problem is when I went back home something was going wrong: ASR was not working at all.
Road was wet, and I was used to a soft interview by PSM.
I know when battery go like down, there is the need of a "readaptation" timeframe where ABS and PSM lights are on.
This time both lights are off, ABS is working correctly but not PSM.
I go back to garage and they had the Bosch instrument for diagnostic, nothing was wrong.
We did some trial on the car, and, no doubt, when kicking out the accelerator, RPM went close to the red line while car was still going more than slow, and back of car was like jumping a lot.. Oh, sorry for my English, hope this makes sense.
In making a right turn PSM light finally appeared and it worked on gas pedal, it's like just ASR (I see now there is an Anti Slip Regulation managed by PSM) is not working at all.
They assured me that working on the cables related to SAT box was totally unrelated, but car was working before we did the intervention.
To me it seems pretty absourd too that there would be some relation..
I read on the web a PSM module can cost something like 4k€, so I am little worried about it.
Any help to make me sleep well tonight? :)
Tomorrow I will go to Porsche garage but very scared of what I can hear...
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