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Im lookin to purchase a 05-newer pre-owned 911. Wondering if the c4s is worth the 5-10k price difference. I know the bhp is only shy 20 in the c4 model.
few questions....
Keep in mind the '05 C4 and C4S will still be the 996 bodystyle which may not be to your liking. The C2 models were upgraded in '05, but the C4 models were upgraded in '06.

To your other questions, I would recommend that you take a look at the option lists between the two cars that you are interested in and compare based on that. Some things you will likely find:
(1) The $ gap between a used C4 and C4S should be significantly smaller than what it was when new
(2) Either car will be an exceptional vehicle and (in my opinion at least) an upgrade from your old Cayman.
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