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Im lookin to purchase a 05-newer pre-owned 911. Wondering if the c4s is worth the 5-10k price difference. I know the bhp is only shy 20 in the c4 model.
few questions....

Couldnt the hp deficiency be made up by an air intake and exhaust later?

I see the displacement is smaller too. is it a different motor or smaller bore and stroke?

Are there differences in suspension? and if so can they be improved in the future with after market susp. parts.

also any options that i should try to look for?

plan on using it as a dd. not tracking it.

i know you could turn anything into a higher performing vehicle, sinkin a ton of cash into it, i think the real question is the c4 and c4s totaly different animals. thanks for input!!
Actually it's 30hp difference and 22lb-ft of torque. The S weighs 55lbs more, weight distribution is 40.3/59.7 on the 4S and 39.7/60.3 on the 4, 0-60 factory times are 4.6 for the 4S and 4.9 on the 4, the 4S comes with standard PASM (adjustable suspension, 10mm lower ride height), larger red brake calipers, bixenon headlights, 19" rims, aluminum gauges (vs. black), sport steering wheel with circular airbag (vs. triangular).

The S has .2 liters more displacement, a 2 stage induction system and 11.8:1 compression vs. 11.3.

The difference is worth it IMO, you can change the intake, exhaust and cats on an S and get more out of the change than you will with the non-S. The PASM suspension is great for DD and the occasional trackday.

Options are very personal and a lot of things can be retro-fitted, but for me, I would definitely want heated seats and sport chrono. The nav is adequate but a little archaic in the 997.1's, and if you get one without you can put in a large screen kenwood/pioneer/etc system that's far superior. Full leather looks very nice and would be difficult and very expensive to do as a retro-fit.
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