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HI there,

I recently went to drive off from my house and felt like the diff was binding and car had no power, at the same time the ABS light and PSM light came on the dash. I immediately pulled over, disabled PSM and drove off to turn around and return home. The car drove fine after disabling PSM but the dash lit up like a Christmas tree with multiple yellow warning codes. I was concerned.

After some research I found this is common when a wheel speed sensor fails. I confirmed using my code scanner that rear right sensor had implausible signal. I purchased a set of genuine replacement sensors which I have not been able to fit yet due to bad weather.

Funny thing is the car is no longer throwing any errors and I forgot to disable PSM on a recent trip and the car drove fine. Could this be intermittent issue with the sensor? I still plan to replace it as soon as the weather has improved but I am wondering what caused it.

The day before it happened, I washed the engine bay (taking care to minimise water and using low pressure). I also removed the front engine bay cover that covers the radiator and fans and cleaned under there with lots of water. Do you think this could be related? It was my first thought but then it makes no sense this could effect a wheel speed sensor. Let me know your thoughts.


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Scratch that... I missed the part that you scanned it with a code reader. I had the same symptoms when one of my coils went bad.
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There is an extended warranty on the wheel speed sensors on your 2011 Cayenne (if you're in the USA). It appears you're not in the USA - so you'd have to check with your friendly local dealership.

Common point of failure. They typically fail by cracking within the housing they fit into, making them a bit of a PITA to get out sometimes. The cracking allows water to enter into them shorting the electronics. Your symptoms directly point to them being the issue. I'd simply replace them and then fogeddaboutit..
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