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A few days ago I had the Cargraphic ODB2 compliant high flow 200 cat headers, flapless super sound exhaust mufflers, IPD intake, and larger throttle body installed onto my 2014 2.7 base boxster. My motivation was to have more sound, but also to get a performance boost that would hopefully resolve an acceleration hesitation issue the 2.7L/ PDK setup seems to have; for whoever doesn't know...from a dead stop, using wide open throttle in 1st gear, RPMs climb to 4000, dip a little and sit there for a quick second, and then continue climbing as the car accelerates...doesn't happen from a rolling stop and going downhill doesn't help all honesty, the problem (said to be normal for all 2.7L cars) isn't that big of a deal because its not that often you are trying to blast off from a dead stop (usually its rolling).

Since then, I went on a weekend trip to the NC mountains and put 800 miles on the car. There was lots of rough driving in twisty mountain roads that 'put the car through wringer.' Most of my time was spent in manual shifting sport mode usually at 3500/4000+ RPM for engine braking and upcoming turns. I went from central/ Northern NC, got on Blue Ridge Parkway, headed South through the mountains, stayed north of Asheville for 1 night (in an awesome cabin on a farm), took a drive/ hiking trip south of Asheville (ending up in Blue Ridge Parkway again), and then the next day went from Asheville to Great Smokey Mountains (stopping at Cherokee to lose $100 in gambling :) ). Eventually ended up in Tail of the Dragon route (final destination), near Tennessee; Tail of the Dragon was the funnest and maybe scariest driving experience ever pushing the car to the limits. Needless to say, I'm sure the exhaust and intake upgrades are broken in and I had plenty of time to test it out.

- 1500 for the mufflers (+200 for install)
- 2500 for the headers (+200 for install)
- 1000 for the IPD/ larger throttle body (+400 for install)

- It took 3 months to get the parts from Germany due to headers being back ordered. Lots of emails to the German sales rep back and a few points I was ready to just cancel the order.
- Seems hard to find a decent shop to install. Not many are knowledgeable about 981's and some want to charge a fortune (as in 1200 just to install the exhaust).
- Got a few minor dents in rear fenders from likely someone leaning while working in engine bay. These are probably easily fixed with paintless dent removal. After getting other imperfections in the car, I'm starting to car less about these things.

Parts Build Quality:
- A+. Cargraphic exhaust components were of perfect showroom quality with zero defects. Everything was well packaged and protected with excessive bubble-wrap/ paper. Not going to name other brands, but will say the install shop said the quality of the parts is superior to other brands they see, where there is always some fitment problem with parts bent or not correctly aligned.
- IPD is a big metal thing that is also very precisely cut. The larger throttle body is a Porsche OEM part.
- Compared to OEM exhaust and intake parts, the aftermarket stuff was of a much higher quality.

Install and Fitment:
- IPD and throttle body fits well and there were no problems reported (other than denting rear fenders...).
- Headers went in and fit just like OEM. There was a CEL that cleared itself after driving around.
- Mufflers confused the install shop. Other then being bolted to the headers, the only thing that holds the mufflers up is a long rod behind the transmission. Each side's pipe rests on a groove in the rod, but the rest of the system just hangs there. The install shop couldn't figure out how to keep it in place as was concerned the mufflers will move around or fall off...they were ready to fabricate a bracket or strap to hold up where the exhaust tips are. Short story, they ended up simply clamping tighter to the transmission rod mount.
- The exhaust tips shake (and probably the other components based on sound changes going over big bumps) and move a bit on acceleration (think this is normal). The exhaust tips are not perfectly centered, but you'd have to pull out a MM ruler to see this (very centered to the eye and using a finger as a gauge)...this is possibly just from the install and could be adjusted.

- Its important to point out the exhaust sounded disappointingly really quiet right after the install. It took some driving to 'open it up.' Even after that, the exhaust has to warm up before it starts sounding normal.
- Startup and get a roar and then rumbling...someone behind will hear a really deep hum and rumble while in idle, which dies down a bit after the RPMs drop down.
- 1-3 RPM...very deep and throaty. Minor drone in the cabin and maybe more than I want under certain conditions (you'll know when you're lugging the engine, that's for sure). The stock exhaust definitely droned in the same conditions and the Cargraphic is slightly more...I asked what the wife thinks and she told though the drone seemed normal and was the same with the other exhaust. If you stay in the lower RPMs, the sound is acceptable and the neighbors probably will not complain.
- 3-6 RPM...refined 'howling' roar that turns into slightly raspy screaming 'racecar' like sound. It's loud and will turn heads, but its not a rumbling mean v8 (which is good, because its a flat 6).
- High RPM in low gear and upshift with wide open get a 'gunshot' followed by quick popping.
- Low RPM in low gear and upshift with little get a similar 'thump' sound as the stock exhaust.
- Downshift into 3+ RPM and let off throttle AND sports mode...gurgling/rumbling deep sound (sounds like thunder in the distance with the right acoustics).
- The stock exhaust had much higher frequencies is more of a hairdryer sound (in a good way) in comparison, while the Cargraphic is a howl. Reving high in the Cargraphic feels comfortable, where the stock exhaust felt like you were doing something wrong (pitch too high).

- Summary...very similar to what it used to be overall, but noticeable gains in 3+ RPM.
- Dead stop acceleration hesitation still there, but reduced. :( ... think its a programming problem and would jump on ECU upgrade when its possible ...
- On reving up, the RPM needle exponentially gets faster the higher it goes. I am not sure if this is because its slower in lower RPMs now, got just faster in higher RPMs, or a combination of both...but it doesn't seem that linear if it ever was...the engine likes 3-4+ RPM, but is plenty fast and tame in low RPM. Realistically, if you want acceleration, you'll be in a low gear and high RPM anyway.
- Doing a 0-60 test in my usual spot (using distance between powerline poles as gauges), I am a 1/2 of a pole distance faster. There is a slightly uphill and getting to last pole is about 6 seconds...while this isn't a scientific test, I can say its faster (seemingly due to high RPMs going faster). No doubt investing into a bigger engine would be money better spent if you want more performance though.
- There does seem like torque loss in low RPM...the car does NOT like being in a high gear, low speeds, and low RPM. The PDK will do its best to ensure it can always get to the highest gear as fast as possible to get you the highest MPG. During this time is when you get drone and though accelerating hard would mean the PDK immediately downshifts, it will attempt to use the high gear itself with light throttle (another words, it probably should downshift since it doesn't have enough torque with the upgrades, but isn't). Don't think this has anything to do with back pressure being reduced, but probably more to do with the speed at which air is going through the engine is perhaps reduced with large intake and exhaust holes (more air, but moving slower). End result is the 2.7L already wanted to rev high to get torque and now its more so.
- MPG increased a great deal...I reset the computer manually to do a few tests...cruising down a flat the highway at 55, I couldn't believe I am seeing near 40 MPG (previously up to 34). Going down the interstate at near 80 MPH, I was getting 31 (previously 27). Reving high and staying in 4+ RPM in city driving, I am getting 20; driving 'racetrack style,' its 16.

My Satisfaction:
- The sound and performance experience is now addicting in high RPMs. If you track your car and/or drive likes its meant to be driven, I highly recommend buying these upgrades (you'd probably want the bypass headers instead of 200 cats for 100% track usage though).
- Low RPMs didn't change too much and if anything not for the better (low end torque loss and increased drone). If you want to just cruise around in low RPMs, I can't recommend these upgrades unless you just want to increase MPG (though you're not going to ever get your money back after spending 5k).
- The 2.7L open top high reving boxster is really engaging and thrilling experience to drive hard (especially in the mountains) because you can fully utilize (and spent time in) the lower gears in legal speed limits. These upgrades improve upon that.

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Thank you for sharing!!

I'm guessing a good 20 - 25 HP gain....?
No idea because I didn't dyno before and after. All the parts were rated for at least that...but notably more torque gain than hp. As mentioned, I definitely feel a gain at higher RPMs, but probably the same or worse in lower RPMs.

Downshift, hit he throttle, and you'll feel a kickback enough to spill a drink with a top and plus lots of noise. Good enough for me. :)

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This thread is quite dated and I would like to revive it if possible to ask if someone would kindly guide me to a thread theat has some before and after dyno results. I've added the IPD and 82mm TB as well as an FVD tune and would like to complete the package with headers however, I can go to and look at 15 different headers many of which say for track only even though they come w/200 cell CATS. And the price ranges from from $5200 to a set from England w/German made CATs on ebay for $1600. What's a person to do?
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This thread is quite dated and I would like to revive it if possible to ask if someone would kindly guide me to a thread theat has some before and after dyno results. I've added the IPD and 82mm TB as well as an FVD tune and would like to complete the package with headers however, I can go to and look at 15 different headers many of which say for track only even though they come w/200 cell CATS. And the price ranges from from $5200 to a set from England w/German made CATs on ebay for $1600. What's a person to do?
Call us to discuss your options! John Gaydos here has a 987.2 Cayman R with full bolt-ons and he also instructs for the PCA - he can give you a run down on quality, sound, and performance options. 855-486-1400

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