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I've been autocrossing for a long time. Currently running a mild "STU prep" base '15 Cayman. On Sunday in Toledo I hit a slalom cone, but little did I know that the leading edge of the lower side skirts has no structural support. The thin plastic edge bit got a nice crease, which a heat gun got it a little bit back into shape. Just was wondering if anyone had ever experienced this before or found a solution. I used a rubber exhaust hanger and just bolted in a cobbled up support in case it happens again (see photo below).

Here's the leading edge of the lower side skirt where the +2 second penalty occurred.



Here's the trailing fender liner removed, and that leading edge of the lower side skirt has no structural support.


I found the edge of the chassis, and drilled a hole. Then made a thin bracket from alum bar stock, used a barbed fitting as a spacer, and a rubber universal exhaust hanger to follow the slight vertical curve of the side skirt. This feels very strong in the direct line of impact of any future cone bashing. It's a super cobbled up solution do a problem that I didn't know existed until Sunday afternoon.

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