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Buona sera. Been away for a while as there has been 0 problems with my 2013 981 BS.

I decided to sell the car and get a Porsche 991.2 c4/c4s (not quite locked in yet). Dealers, being a business are in the biz of making $$ and those, as most of us on P9 are in the biz of saving where all things are equal regarding Porsche service.

Having owned 3 "micro" businesses in the past ( I was the only employee/helicopter pilot) while also working as a EMS Helicopter Pilot, I get the process from both sides of the equation.

As mentioned, I decided to sell mia cara 981 in favor of a 991.2 C4/C4S a short while ago I thought I would relate my experience (second) with Suncoast Porsche in Sarasota, Florida). My much more than great first dealings were chronicled here:

I listed the car on only one Porsche enthusiat site (RL) as I dreaded dealing with lookie lous and the inevitable tire kickers/joy riders. I fully understand the desire to save $$. We all do. But some want the moon, sun and your wallet too. That is why so many simply trade in when buying anew.

My first response to my ad drove the car away today and his lovely wife, picked it up for his sister in the DFW area. As he got it, helping his sister in finding an exceptionally equipped nice roadster in much better than exceptional condition than he expected condition. I am a "UPOD" type of person. Under promise and over deliver rather than the far too seldom seen or met BS car dealers.

We talked and texted A LOT! I would too. My car had 3 unknown and undisclosed high dollar goodies when I bought it for my wife 2 B-day, 2 years and 1 week ago, but also it was understood that I would get to drive it occasionally. We traded a very nicely equipped Audi A3 2.0 Q on it and had such a hard time finding a second car, we bought a new Honda CRV AWD to look for used cars. Bet you do not know anyone that has bought a new car to look for used cars before! Eventually after way so many disappointments, we traded the CRV at nearly 0 loss what so ever on all considerations (price, taxes, tags, etc...) on a nearly identical A3 2.0 Q but for the sport seats (really decent) and minus the folding mirrors of the 2015 A3 2.0Q.

Problems with the 981? 0. I actually believe that I ride my road bike more than I drive as I am unfortunately retired by disability. Sounds weird but with the sort of deficits it hurts less to ride 20-35 miles as opposed to going to the store for a weeks groceries. Spinal injuries, carpal tunnel, knee and reynauds all conspire against me but one just has to suck it up or become a couch potato. Anyway. I exhaustively researched not just KBB prices (not really a good guage when wanting to trade) but stumbled on a link for the ever mysterious "black book" prices dealers allude to when thoughtfully taking your hard earned equity (should you be so fortunate) on a used or new vehicle when trading to a dealer. I was honest (under promise, over deliver, my "religion" of life) about the car as it was flat out pristeen and 34XXX miles.

When I bought the 2013 981 BS, the Orlando based Porsche dealer took it in on trade the same day I saw it & didn't mention in their ad it had A: a full front expel wrap from lower spoiler to the strip above the windshield, also the mirrors and aft of the rear wheels. Cool, que no?

But it also had a Escort radar/laser detector built in with the tiny head unit in the smokers package plus front and rear laser shifters. Topping that was a mirror (top left corner) digital textual indicator that listed the model and mode of the detector. I NEVER used it in 2 years and 2 weeks as being a old school EMS Helicopter pilot I relied on charts supplimented rather than simply trusting full digital...

If that were'nt enough, and the reason for this post, it has a 50KMI Porsche pre paid service plan on top of being a CPO. Just wow. Jason in the service department was the one who told me of the vehicle having the factory maintenance prepaid plan. I had no idea of the POA service contract when I bought the car. It was only when I had the first scheduled oil change done that I learned of this through Jason. How many US car makers would have done that? We got a good trade price and drove the 981 home less than 24 hours from seeing it online.

Anyway, in my book, Jason @ Sarasota Porsche, is the bar none, BEST SA representing Porsche in my world (SW Florida). He fit me in with an extremely short notice (2 days) as the sale happened virtually immediately after fine tuning the ad and posting photos.

When I posted my, based on the black book price plus the sales tax lost on a outright sale vs a trade. I came out $3500 vs trade and then there was the .06% trade recoup. Yet I was feeling great that the future owned got a really nice car at a trade price. Win win. I REALLY care about that stuff and always offer the buyer a way out if they are less than totally pleased. Prior to the sale (Friday 01.Sept 2017) I waited for the service to be completed even though I was issued a (as far as I could see) new Cayenne TDI. It seemed silly to just drive around SRQ and then relill the tank. So I waited.

Suncoast has an exceptionally nice show room wwith really nicely specced Porsches. where I proffered them a chance to beat my current offer on the '18 C4 done my way. Still waiting on that but the discount they offered was SOOOO much better than other , unnamed dealers. IMMEDIATELY offered (I have a -10% written offer from another P dealer). I then went back to the customer lounge area and availed the use of customer WI-FI to learn the chords to 5 different songs and caught up on emails whilst rocking on my ear buds. I am sure I looked odd but so what... I am a girly car geek. Wanna talk car stuff, I am your gal.

Jason and crew finished ALL of the slightly premature 40KMI service (at the behest of the buyers brother) and the car was delivered SPOTLESSLY detailed as per normal procedure.

Bottom line: If you are in SW Florida do consider Suncoast as a dealer of Porsche or VW and their service is just spot on point. Having an aeronautical engineering background, I find that easy to see. If you go tell'em Elena sent you. They may proffer a better deal knowing I am not just a car geek but a true Porsche ambassitor by choice. BTW, I do not have any financial skin in the game (aka kickbacks)

I migliori auguri di un bel weekend oliday, essere sicuro



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