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981 Cayman OEM Shifter Cables Broke With Car Stuck In 3rd Gear + Numeric Shifter Install

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Hey guys, seems like a few weeks after getting my coolant leak fixed, I got hit with some bad luck. After leaving a cars and coffee, I shifted from 2nd to 3rd only to be stuck in 3rd and not able to get out of gear. The gear stick was floppy and I couldn't move it left to right.

After having a slight panic, and limping the car back home in 3rd (wouldn't recommend) I did my research and found out that my shifter cables were busted, and for most people it seems like a normal wear item after 60,000 miles. This makes sense since mine is approaching 77,000.

I like to work on cars myself, and after reading a few posts on rennlist and here, it seems like a relatively simple fix, plus most people upgraded from the OEM Shifter Cables to the Numeric Shifter Cables.

So I ended up ordering these bad boys along with the numeric bulk head wrench (which i highly recommend you get because of the tight space working on these cables), and the numeric insulation. A week later, they came in the mail. (also gotta give a big shout out to Jordan from Numeric, really cool dude, and was able to get these shipped out so i can get them before the weekend.)

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When it came time to installing, like all the issues that everyone with broken shifter cables have, the driver side of the transmission connection was broken, making me unable to shift any gears. The reverse cable was fine though.

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Anyway, I ended up documenting the whole entire experience to share with you guys and anyone else attempting to do this install, since there were 0 videos on this on youtube or Numeric (only ones I was able to see were on 911s and 987 cayman/boxter). I cover diagnosing, installation of the new shifter cables, to also providing some installation tips to people that might be tackling their project themselves.

Also one more thing, I know in the first few minutes I mentioned the problem was about hydralic fluid busting from the shifter cables, I don't know what kind of glue I was sniffing that day, but that's not right at all haha, the main issue here was the driver side linkage was broken on the transmission end. These cables don't have any hydraulic fluid that I know of, and I'm positive that grease could be from a slipped CV boot (getting it checked next week).

Anyway hope you guys enjoy the video/install, let me know if you guys have any Qs on the install, happy to help!
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Good work. I don't know why Porsche has not improved the quality of cable as it has been problematic dating back pre-981 models knowing that their customers can be stranded and a safety issue if you are trying to shift to pass or merge in traffic. It's also a PIA to remove so many panels.
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