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Ok so I bought X73 bars front and rear with the corresponding bushings under $500 including shipping.

The rears are a piece of cake to DIY. Fronts not so much as someone said in a post said this is not a job for the faint of heart. But not terribly difficult.

The closeest parallel would be removing an engine from an coooled VW bug but that is easier. IMO

So I searched every forum for an answer. The closest I came to complete instructions was one for a 997. Similar but not the same but the general idea is the same. so if you are considering doing this yourself do an internet search and you will find it.

The thing that most concerned me was the gas tank. Schnell actually posted about this and the need to support the gas tank with a piece of plywood or something similar. But it was not easy to find this post which was the key for me doing it myself.

I called a semi local dealer and an Indy and neither returned my call with a quote for the front sway bar. My best guess they would try to get 4 hours worth of labor plus an alignment. My guess $400-$800. But they both politely took my number and never called back.

So I I dived in and just did it.

Main tools;

a bendpak scissor lift for the whole car and two hydraulic floor jacks one for the gas tank the other for the sub frame(note jack stands and lesser jacks would work but it would be more difficult)

various 16mm and 18mm wrenches and sockets

25 and 30 torx wrenches or sockets

10mm socket

15mm wrench for nuts on sway bar bolts


tie rod tool

new bolts for the sub frame are recommended but I used the originals with blue Loctite

main steps

remove the cover underneath as well as the wheels

tie Rod ends

brake spoilers

bottom link bolt to sway bar

break all nuts loose on the main sub frame and the 6 on the black sub frame which seems to be mostly for the gas tank

remove bolts from rack

remove 4 10mm bolts holding water lines and crimp plastic positioners so the lines will not be pulled down with the sub frame

remove what I think are the headlight levelers so again the wires don't get pulled when you lower the frame

remove the bolts and nuts for the sway bar your sway bar should now be completely loose

Support the gas tank with correct size wood and jack

remove 4 16mm nuts and 2 16mm bolts on black y frame which partially supports gas tank. Note I left frame unbolted and in place

then work on the subframe read the article on the 997 the idea is the same

took me 4-5 hours some one younger than me could cut that time.

Are the results worth the efforts. I think so. The rear was a nice improvement but the front end didn't seem to feel quite right and the car wasn't quite balanced IMO.

With both bars bars, the car again IMO is a flat as 2016 991 GTS I recently drove. I have PASM with these bars I know feel I have 90% of the the x73 sport suspension with very little degradation in ride quality.

Handles fantastic I really see no downside to this mod and it is all Porsche engineered parts with no odd noises. May not be the optimal set up for the track but I think it is great for the street.

I have not had this positive an experience with aftermarket bars and bushings on other cars.

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I did the rear myself as that was quite easy, but went into an Indy for the front. I didn't have a lift so trying that laying on your back seemed like a bad afternoon.
I think they charged me $400 to put on the GT3 front sway.

Great you did it yourself. I also think it was a good upgrade for the PASM I had ( X73 rear, adjustable GT3 front).

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Note that the bolts that attach the front sub-frame to the chassis are one time use bolts. I learned this when installing the FabSpeed tie downs which use front several sub-frame bolts to mount.
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