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Hello Fellow porsche enthusiats.

I have a 981 CS. I'm swapping out the front bumper to a 981 GTS front bumper. I've searched multiple forums, googled, and asked locally, but no one has a clear answer on my question. The question is:

What has to be done to connect the GTS Daytime Running Lights to the existing wires. The two have different connectors and I just wanted to find out if anyone here has experience with this. I would think the anyone that has switched to a GT4 or a Boxster could also help with this question.

I'm performing the work myself, so I have a list of questions.

1) Where can I get the connector that fits the spar DRL,
2) Is there a wiring schematic I can follow.
3) Does the computer need to be updated afterwards.
4) Can I just disable the DRL and call it a day...I don't like DRL's and don't like the ability to not turn them off without shutting down the car.

Thank you in advance for any help you guys can offer.
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