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A buddy of mine got his hands on a GMG Sports Exhaust, when he a bunch of parts from a race shop. It says on the invoice that it is a sports exhaust for the Cayman 987.1

I have a 2005 Boxster S and am tired of the anemic sounding exhaust. So, I figured I would put this on and so researched on web and saw the exhaust is for 2006-2008 987.1

Question is: What is different about the 2005 and 2006 cars that would mean this exhaust would fit one and not the other. I thought they were essentially the same? Also, is there a reason it would fit a Cayman and not a Boxster? Again, I thought the engines.exhaust systems etc were the same.

Any help greatly appreciated, as was thinking of installing tomorrow and now second guessing myself and trying to save the trouble, if someone on here knows why it would not work?

Thanks for any and all suggestions/advice.


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Fine print: I've never seen the exhaust setup on the 05 boxster S ... suggest you look for pictures of the 987.1 Cayman headers with integrated cats. If they match what you have then you're probably fine.

Iirc the 05 box-S is a 987.1.

If you have the 986 headers w/ separate cats then I can only help w/ general 987.1 exhaust R&R issues. you'll just have to ask around some more or try it.

Suggest you take a look first at your headers and see if the cats are separate items from the headers or if, like the Cayman, they're combined into one assembly.

Removing an exhaust which has been on the car for a dozen years can be a pain and the access is a little funky. Lots of penetrating oil, socket extensions and patience.

The Cayman header flange has integrated studs ... don't know what the 05 Box-S uses but I broke several. Getting them out with the header on the car was a pain ... ymmv.

Having later replaced headers I'd suggest removing the entire exhaust back to the engine and disassemble it off the car.

If you do break studs, just replace the silly things with 8mmx30 bolts/nuts. I like stainless, w/ some type of locknut.

If your exhaust hasn't been off the car in a while, the issue of compatibility may be the smaller headache. Might spend a day or 3 up on jackstands.

My 0.000003.

Expect drone from 2K - 2.5K rpm ... outside of stock exhausts the configurations are generally the same due to the space they have to work with. The exhaust path length is about the same for most and the exhaust gasses generally resonate at the same frequency as the car in that rpm band.

Maybe go on the interWebs and look at pix of exhausts for your car and the 987.1 and compare their hard points.

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