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Hi all,

I have a Porsche 2007 Cayman S: (36K)

Simple mods - so far:
AWE (cat elimination) CAT Back exhaust (very nice sound -if this takes off, I'll upload a video)
IPD plenum (love this technically)
GT4 - 82mm throttle body (damn Porsche trying to keep a Cayman S down?)

the serpentine belt and pulleys replaced this summer best oil - historically Mobil One 0w40 - but after watching YouTuber: Project Farm
this guy is great

Bridgestone tires - thinking about maybe getting new ones as these are getting long in the teeth

A bit of info
Not tracking my cayman - more like fair-weather weekend joyous ride with wife (needed to be mentioned because of the drone)
stored in winter, in a heated garage

Thinking about an ECU programing device... Good/bad/necessary???
I thought this year cayman ECU was self-learning

I know headers with high flow CATs, wheels and tires are next,... but...
I am not motor swapping - I just want a precise driving experience with the optimal tuned engine/suspension

Is it really worth putting a 'better' suspension - if not lowering or racing

What do you all think?
I welcome all constructive thoughts

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If you want to stay with Mobil 1, use the FS version, better suited to our 987.1 engine's (rod bearing, bore scoring) needs and change it every 4000 miles to prevent old oil seeping into the IMS bearing.
Michelin MPS4's have proven to be excellent all around tire with plenty of traction with the use of 35 sidewall tires. I use 255/35/18's f and 275/35/18 r, balance is excellent and you have lowered your center of gravity of the entire car by 1/2 inch.
Buy yourself a set of shifter cables (either Numeric or Porsche's new designed cables) for your parts bin. You will eventually thank me, as the original ones will fail, most likely at the most inopportune time. Add a water pump, necessary hose clamps and a spare AOS with special install pliers to that parts bin as well.
A short shifter may suit your needs.
Your engine needs a better exhaust to match the plenum and throttle body, I would recommend Soul catless long tube headers with a Softronic Flash. John and Scott will take good care of you and you will be amazed at the added sound, mid range torque and power these complementary modifications produce.
Lastly, you can fit R springs without changing the ride quality of the car, just a little sportier feel. The car will sit about 20 mm lower and ride slightly stiffer. No other modifications are needed with these springs except for a good alignment.
I like the look of wheel spacers, so if you are interested in a flush look, 15mm f and 20mm r spacers will work on OEM 57 offset f and 43 offset r wheels, especially if you add a little camber (-1.2f and -1.4r) to the alignment after installing the R springs. The R springs have enough compression to prevent bottoming out with the wider track, (you will have achieved a couple major objectives of a better handling car, lowering the center of gravity, and widening the track).

But, mostly, just enjoy the Porsche's unique mid engine product.


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Here is a list of the options and mods I’ve done to my wife’s car:

2007 Cayman S mods

Atlas Grey Met
Black interior
6 speed my
Sport Steering Wheel
Adaptive Sport Seats
Bi-Xenon Headlights
Auto A/C
Sport Chrono+
PCM Bose Stereo
Subwoofer mod
Alcantara headliner
Under seat mounted fire extinguisher
EVOMS air filter
GT3 Plenum and throttle Body
Softronic flash
Under-drive pulley
Ceramic NHP catless headers
Borla exhaust
LN Eng screw-on filter adaptor
TPC Stage 1 suspension
Gunmetal Forgestar F14 wheels - 18x8.5 F, 18x10 R
Michelin PS2 - 245/40ZR18F, 275/40ZR18R
Monodrive F&R grilles
Euro front license plate
All red taillights
Clear side markers
LED interior lights
Tinted windows
HIP Clear engine cover
Custom painted intake manifold
X-pel paint protection
CarPro CQuartz ceramic coating

I may be forgetting a few things. A software flash is beneficial if doing any intake/exhaust mods imho.

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This depends on your application, 82 mm throttle body works well above 6000 rpm, 78 mm throttle body from a GT3 works well above 4000 rpm for a 3.4 987.1 M97 motor. RPM is limited to 7000 in the 987.1 due to rod bolt issues. You be the judge. Check out Softronic Race Plumen kit package. I can verify this kit and flash with Soul long tube catless headers. Really improves mid range torque and HP. This package puts you side by side to the 911 Carrera with better mid corner throttle steer and trailbraking.
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Oh I remember those days of adding upgrade after upgrade.
Then I got older and got a 981 Spyder and I've been satisfied with a mere 3.8 375 hp. luxury car
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