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I have had zero success at my local car audio shops trying to sort out if the speakers in my car can be upgraded without having to use an aftermarket amp/crossover/coils.

Here is what I have:
07 S with bose
Kenwood DDX8706S headunit with Kenwood CMOS-230 rear cam
Axxess AX-PO90052 Fibre optic wiring interface

No speakers have been upgraded.
I have tweeters in the dash and an upper and lower door speaker as pictured here

I am fine with the giant disaster speaker bar behind the headrests.
My main concern from the getgo when upgrading the head unit was mainly for a rear camera to help with blind spots and parking on my lift.

Down the rabbit hole we go.

I would like to upgrade my speakers, with the understanding that I do drive a convertible.... any upgrade is still going to have minimal gains compared to owning a coupe.

So, electronic audio yodii... none of the shops here wanted to even bother.
Immediate reply if they even answered the phone was.... nope, we only do amp/zillion dollar wiring/snooty crossover custom panel work.

I like OEM.
So ideally looking for something that fits in the stock location and appears that it hasn't been altered.

Am I dreaming?


Sidebar- don't want an amp/etc because I use the frunk/trunk for stuffs and don't want to add a heat producing delicate electronic item in there.

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Because the Bose amp uses low impedance speakers, you must replace the entire system - amp, speakers, etc. if you want to upgrade anything.
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