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Just wanted to post this in case someone runs in to this in the future, I have a 2009 2.9 Cayman that I was in the process of selling last week and during PPI at dealer they found an oil leak, wasn't severe enough to be dripping on the floor or even reduce oil level reported in the gauge cluster since I last had oil change/service done but was enough to soak one of the plastic panels underneath with oil residue. The oil was slowly leaking and gathering on plastic panel just in front of the headers on driver side. Was covered under existing CPO warranty though buyer got cold feet and backed out of the deal last minute :(

Anyway here's the report from the dealer:

"Oil leaking from bank 2 chain tensioner seal and cam solenoid o-ring. Replaced chain tensioner seal and cam solenoid o-ring. Clean engine area"

900-123-118-30 ALUM SEAL RING
999-707-446-40 RUBBER O-RING

Invoice doesn't show parts & labor cost since it was covered under warranty, but the parts seem to be just a few bucks online and according to service advisor at dealer, labor they would have charged for the job would have been around 6 hours.
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