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My LE was having the canvas on the outside of the bow issue, so I played around with moving the band down a few notches. Problem was there wasn't enough elasticity left in my band - it was either too loose or too tight. Too tight caused the driver side band to snap. So this thread was very timely.

Here are my updates / variations:

I found some bungee chord at Hobby Lobby (no mention in previous posts where to find it).

I cut a 12" section and burned the edges.

I used a small wire with a hook to fish the chord thru the strap (pic #2).

The length of the exposed chord from the strap to the end of the chord was 4 1/2" (didn't take a pic but in Rrunkle's last pic it would be from the end of the gray strap to the chord outside his finger. I had it pinched tight for my measurement, not in a big loop.)

Be sure to put the safety pin on the elastic band side (pic #4) as that is the side AWAY from the top. Be sure to get safety pin into the gray strap (pic #3).

I replaced the tiny washer on the screw end with a 1" washer (pic #5). This gives the band something to slip over and stay in place when the tension is off (roof down).

IMPORTANT: before removing the screw, put a towel into the compartment so if you drop the screw it doesn't fall into oblivion. Be sure the towel goes all the way out the window (you might get the screw out but drop it before you get it completely out - voice of experience). And don't forget to pull the towel out after you're finished.

Worked great. We'll see how it hold up after a few days.


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