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I think I finally figured out how to solve the problem with my top edges not tucking properly. I've tried multiple times to pull the OEM elastic tighter and move it to the next screw hole. But that has just left me with elastic that no longer has any spring left. And when I pull it too tight, it bunches the top funny and you can tell it is too tight. I knew that I would ultimately need to replace the elastic, but I did not want to pull out sewing needle and thread. And I wasn't sure how I would find the correct replace material.

I finally decided to try and use some shock cord that I had lying around. And it seems to have worked perfect.

See pictures below. I was able to snake the shock cord up through the threading in the existing joint. And I applied a safety pin by stabbing through both lengths of shock cord.

The length of the cord from where it hits the material is about 15 cm to the end of the loop. 30 cm of total exposed shock cord length. The cut length pf the cord prior to install was around 40 cm. I recommend burning the exposed ends of the ford before install to avoid unraveling.

I was able to hook the cord around the existing mounting screw in the top frame, and I tightened the screw down a bit to lock the cord in place.

I've played around with this problem for years, and this is the first time that it works like it probably did from the factory.


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