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Discovered this issue some time ago - suddenly i see driver's side top sticks out.
I already imagined a necessary trip to a Porsche workshop, spending time and money :crazy:

Gladly Google know the answers....

For a few days i just was helping to tuck by hand - but weekend came and a softop fix time came with it.

I understand that i have to adjust that triangular strap:

I can stick in my hand and feel the screw - but no way i can get a tool there and operate it - just not enough room - boomer....

After wrestling with it for 10 minutes and trying different top positions to get every millimeter of possible clearance - i notice 2 velcro straps:

After undoing them the headliner can be pulled off, hand can be sticked in and and there is a lot of room to do the work:

For some reason only hollow centered bit worked for me (t15):

I'm glad i've bought in the past a set of various bits shapes - this is a must with the German car.

After few minutes all is done:

And the tops is back to the perfect position:

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