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I've been looking for aero kits and body mods for my 987 Boxster S and I'm hoping the collective wisdom of the board will be able to add to this list:

Precision Porsche

Most of the kits seem to be GT3 or roadster variations and while some of them look very nice (all my taste is in my mouth) I'm really hoping to find a widebody/turbo look. Techart's Widebody doesn't really work for me and I really want to do something about the Boxster backend (IMO, the least attractive portion of the car). FVD had posted some pictures of a Turbo kit but I can't track it down and FVD hasn't responded to email inquiries. All told, I'm looking for front/rear bumper and side skirts.

I've combed the threads but most of the mods seems to be for the 987 Cayman and I'm assuming those won't work on the Boxster S.

Short story long, are there other options not on the list above? I like the GT look as well but something about that widebody really gets me.

Thanks in advance for any advice/assistance!

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